"Just kill me already!"

Roxanne as she is violated by the Nova.

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Violated is the one-hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 20 and eighteenth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Ticy Phenyl and Elizabeth move to help more fallen Pandora. Roxanne Elipton is brutally defeated by the Nova Commander, and it begins to torture her.


Ticy Phenyl has achieved transcendence and she obliterates a Nova with a twirl of her Volt Weapon. She and Elizabeth finally exchange proper greetings and Ticy cries upon Elizabeth's return. Ticy relays Chiffon's message for Elizabeth that she is to be a leader for all Pandora. With that, Ticy passes on the title of Student Council President to Elizabeth Mably. Elizabeth's first order is to save as many people as possible. Ticy agrees and they return to the battlefield with Andre.

Satellizer, Rana, and Arnett rush to Roxanne's location carrying Kazuya and Charles. Arnett asks how Satellizer and Rana are so strong, but the two do not understand why these new Nova are so difficult to beat, since they dealt with them "normally." When Arnett states that her and Charles' weapons did nothing to the monsters, Satellizer realizes that their Stigmata must have affected the way they interact with their bodies ever since she battled Kazuha Aoi; Rana repeats that she experienced the same thing when she fought her sister she thought was dead. But both of them assert that they beat their illusions.

Meanwhile, Roxanne Elipton is hoisted by the head by the hand of the Nova Commander. The world's most powerful Genetics' Pandora has been brutally defeated with wounds all over her body and her almighty Anti-Nova is crumbling away, while the clawed tips have been shattered. Roxanne is barely conscious and she hears the Nova talking to her. The creature cannot fully communicate with her, and when it realizes that Roxanne cannot understand, the Nova rips off her Platoon 13 uniform. The Nova proceeds to probe Roxanne and screams as Volt Texture-like lines shine across her stomach and torso, moving up her chest. Roxanne tears and begs for the Nova to just kill her.

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  • Lucy Renault appears in the same design and pose on the cover of this chapter as she does on the cover of Chapter 97.

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