"In the wild, there are only two positions one can take. The hunter... or the hunted."

The Narrator upon the nature of humanity and the Nova.

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Difference In Strength
Volume 20, Chapter 137
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Translation Difference in Strength
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Difference In Strength is the one-hundred thirty-seventh chapter of the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 20 and twenty-first chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Rana, Satellizer, Arnett, and Charles Bonaparte are helpless against the Nova Commander, who cuts down Satellizer first and then Rana. All while Charles is a victim to become the Commander's next slave.


After Roxanne Elipton self-destructs to subvert the Nova Commander's control over her, Rana Linchen and Satellizer L. Bridget viciously attack the Nova in vengeance. Inches from their target, the girls' attacks miss, and the Nova appears behind them. everyone on the scene realizes that the Nova has used the Illusion Turn.

Overwhelming fear naturally overcame Satellizer and Rana, for the potential of unstoppable fury levitated behind them. They girls saw the Nova and they could only recall the figure of the monster that so thoroughly defeated them at the Alaska Base. Just like then, Satellizer's instincts screams for her to run, but she suppressed though feelings of hesitation with a scream. Satellizer prepares to attack again, but her abdomen is blasted by a wave of the Nova's hand.

As Satellizer fell to the ground, the others realized they were facing a hunter who is a silent killer. Rana is unflinching and readies a powerful punch. But her attack is deflected by some barrier that throws her hole body back. Rana uses her transcendent powers once more and thrusts forward with Celestial Fang, but the Nova does not allow Rana to complete her attack. Rana is struck from directions by attacks reminiscent to her own Void Fang. Rana is then blown to the ground head first.

Charles attacks the Nova with a flying kick to avenge her friend, but the Nova catches her. It puts its fingers in the petite Pandora's mouth, preparing to turn her into a Nova slave as it did to Roxanne. Arnett attacks with Scythe Machina only for her weapon to shatter against the barrier, but Rana is able to free Charles from below. Rana shouts that she and Arnett must attack together, and the two go in for combined assaults.

Satellizer struggles to her feet and tells Kazuya she thinks she has a plan to destroy the Nova.

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