"I am a light speed bullet... the moment my trigger is pulled, I will obliterate my target."

Satellizer as she prepares to attack the Pandora-Type Nova.

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Light Speed Bullet
Volume 20, Chapter 138
Chapter 138 Cover
Translation A Bullet Faster Than Light
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Light Speed Bullet is the one-hundred thirty-eighth chapter of the Freezing series, fifth chapter of Volume 20 and twenty-second chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Satellizer transcends a Sextuple Accel and decapitates the Nova Commander, but it generates a new head. Explosions are seen across the training ground.


Satellizer watches as Arnett and Rana battle the unstoppable Nova Commander. Satellizer analyses the Nova's flawed defenses. She realizes the its natural defenses can deflect and shatter Arnett's Volt Weapon, but requires an invisible shield to withstand the transcendent Rana's attacks. She also knows that the Nova can only use the shield in one direction and cannot defend against two different attacks at the same time. She plans an attack that has a fifty percent chance of success.

She then tells Kazuya to step away for a bit and she generates a mighty wind force, preparing an Accel. She contemplates a Triple Accel or a Quadruple Accel, but she knows that will not be enough. Satellizer promises to be a bullet faster than light as she closes her eyes and blacken the world around her. Deciding that even the Quintuple Accel or Sextuple Accel will not be enough, she illuminates a burning light.

Satellizer listens to Arnett and Rana's attacks and knows she needs to plan her attack perfectly. The second Rana's attack is blocked by the Nova's shield, Satellizer transcends a Sextuple Accel and the Nova's head suddenly disappears. They all see long wings of light speed across the battlefield, and Satellizer crashes on the ground, overcome by her power and unable to move.

While everyone finds Satellizer insane for pulling such a stunt, they all rejoice at the Nova's defeat. Charles calls out to Roxanne crying that they've won, but her spirit warns them all not to take their eyes away from that Nova. The Pandora turn their heads to see the Nova generating a new head, bearing a frighteningly human visage of a beautiful woman with long flowing hair.

HQ detects that the Nova are about to reach civilians. Before Yu-Mi could make an order, Sister Margaret returns from the Ravensbourne Nucleotide. They asks her if they can dispatch all other Pandora and evacuate citizens. West Genetics' headmistress calms them and informs them that "adequate countermeasures" have been made. She has them turn to specific cameras and suggests that they watch the small Nova carefully.

Explosions suddenly burst across the battlefield, destroying dozens of the small Nova in an instant. At the Maria Lancelot's domain, Gengo smiles saying Su-Na succeeded.

Event NotesEdit

  • Satellizer L. Bridget transcends a Sextuple Accel and decapitates the Nova Commander.
  • The Nova Commander regenerates with a new head.
  • The Humanoid Nova are being destroyed.

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