"I can't believe it. I really am immortal..."

Roxanne Elipton upon being resurrected.

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The Sisters of Lab 13 I
Volume 21, Chapter 141
Chapter 141 Cover
Kana ラボ13の姉妹 I
Romaji Rabo 13 no shimai I
Translation The Sisters of Lab 13 - Part 1
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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The Sisters of Lab 13 II

The Sisters of Lab 13 I is the one-hundred forty-first chapter of the Freezing series, first chapter of Volume 21 and twenty-fifth chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


Windy May heals the Pandora within her vicinity, even reviving Roxanne Elipton. She deals a mighty blow to the Nova Commander; which severs its body in half.


The Legendary Pandora, the prototypes of Project Pandora, have finally been revealed, including the once-thought Valkyrie Lucy Renault and the deceased "Monster of West Genetics" Chiffon Fairchild. Now, Legendary Pandora No. 3 Windy May stands before the Nova Commander who has threatened the lives of Satellizer L. Bridget, Rana Linchen, Charles Bonaparte, Arnett McMillan, and Kazuya Aoi after they desperately tried and failed to save their friend Roxanne Elipton.

The barely conscious Pandora and Kazuya look at the newcomer in shock. Kazuya remembers her from the picture on his grandfather's photo album except this she has much longer pigtails that she had forty years ago. The girl waves to Kazuya as if she knows him, which Satellizer comments on. Kazuya is unsure of who she is but knows she's somehow a part of his grandfather's research.

The woman's war-hammer suddenly begins to glow while crystal orbs scatter the battlefield. As the glow reaches Kazuya and the Pandora, the Legendary Pandora telepathically tells them that their pain will soon end. Rana and Charles' arms are restored while the wound in Arnett's abdomen is healed, allowing all of them to stand. With them is Roxanne whose body has completely been restored

Roxanne jokes that she didn't think she was truly Immortal. A crying Charles immediately tackles her friend, and Roxanne fails to pry off the French Pandora. Charles tells the "Zombie Girl" she should have come back to life sooner, but Roxanne denies that she used her signature ability to restore her body, let alone her consciousness. Satella points out that everyone's been healed by the the mysterious newcomer to which Satella and Kazuya are very wary.

In this lack of momentum, the Nova accelerates behind Windy May. With a wave of its hand, the Nova delivers a mighty blast to Windy's face, planning to violently rip off her head. However, everyone sees that the woman in unharmed save for some smoke of her face.

Gengo orders Windy May to show her true colors. With the same smile as her sister Chiffon, Windy responds to the Nova's attack with a single swing from her war-hammer.

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  • Windy May heals Satellizer, Charles, Arnett, and Rana's wounds, also restoring lost limbs; Roxanne is completely revived.

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