"Ally? Whatcha talkin' about? We're family!"

Wind May to Kazuya Aoi.

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The Sisters of Lab 13 II
Volume 21, Chapter 142
Chapter 142 Cover
Kana ラボ13の姉妹 II
Romaji Rabo 13 no shimai II
Translation The Sisters of Lab 13 - Part 2
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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The Sisters of Lab 13 II is the one-hundred forty-second chapter of the Freezing series, second chapter of Volume 21 and final chapter of the 12th Nova Clash Arc.


The Legendary Pandora defeat all of the Humanoid Nova and the Nova Commander. Gengo Aoi arrives on the battlefield and tells Kazuya the Legendary Pandora are his kin.


Legendary Pandora No. 3 Windy May has dealt a ferocious blow against the Nova Commander with her war-hammer. In a single attack, Windy slice off the human-shaped Nova's torso and head from the rest of its body, with an astonished expression forever plastered on the Nova's face. Everyone on the scene is aghast at such magnificent power when they could not land a single attack on such an indomitable enemy. The head of the Nova lands a few meters away and the rest of its levitating body falls to the ground.

Kazuya is the first to speak to the woman, curious if she's a Pandora from Lab 13. Satella is still wary, but Kazuya believes her to be an ally as they would have died. Windy speaks at the word "ally;" she corrects Kazuya saying they are "family." It is then that three bursts of light appear behind her. Out steps Lucy, Cassandra, and Teslad whom Windy May greets.

Kazuya looks to Lucy, asking about Ouka and the Valkyries. Lucy just says the "Humanoid Forms" has been annihilated. Calling Cassandra "nee-san," Windy points her to Kazuya. Cassandra looks at him and extends her hand. Kazuya, Rana, and Satellizer are again paralysed with instinctive fear. Cassandra pulls Kazuya in and gives him a warm hug with a kind smile.

Kazuya is reminded of something from the past. When Rana and Satellizer ask Kazuya to get away from that strange woman, Cassandra gives them a sharp glare. Cassandra squeezes her possession tighter to near suffocation, but the two Pandora rivals take Kazuya away when Cassandra finally lets go. Rana and Satellizer then begin to argue over Kazuya but an uncharacteristically sharp Roxanne tells them to knock off their nonsense.

Roxanne re-activates her Volt Textures and becomes tremendously curious about the four women before them. Someone from above says he'll explain this himself. A helicopter descends and Gengo Aoi exits with Su-Na still sporting her tight short black dress and sunglasses. Gengo explains that these women are the Legendary Pandora, whose power is hundreds of times stronger than regular Pandora. Gengo finishes to say that these women, the embodiment of the ultimate Anti-Nova weapon, are Kazuya's flesh and blood.

Event NotesEdit

  • Windy May kills the Nova Commander.
  • Lucy Renault reveals herself to Kazuya and the Pandora as a Legendary Pandora.
  • Lucy, Cassandra, and Teslad have destroyed all of the Humanoid Nova.
  • Gengo Aoi tells Kazuya the Legendary Pandora are his family.
  • The 12th Nova Clash ends.

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