"This is the first time... that getting hit by someone has hurt this much..."

Elizabeth as she reconciles with Arnett.

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Distant Memory
Volume 21, Chapter 144
Chapter 144 Cover
Kana 遠い記憶
Romaji Tōi kioku
Translation Distant Memory
Syndicator Comic Valkyrie
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Distant Memory is the one-hundred forty-fourth chapter in the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 21 and second chapter of the Busters Arc.


Cassandra is revealed to be Kazuya's aunt, and Gengo Aoi explains Kazuya's true heritage. Meanwhile, Elizabeth joins with her friends and reconciles with them after being rightfully beaten up by Arnett.


Kazuya awakens to a lightly clothed Cassandra, who holds him close and wants him to "drink." However, Gengo walks in with the ever smiling Windy May and the stoic Teslad; the doctors tells Cassandra to relax, for Kazuya doesn't need it anymore. Kazuya begins to think about Cassandra but his memories of her and very faint. The doctor explains that Cassandra is Kazuya's aunt.

Satellizer still waits for her limiter, but they have been placed in different dorms. Rana comes over, informing Satellizer that she's found Kazuya. He's in Block D, but that sector is off-limits to everyone except the Legendary Pandora. Satellizer asserts that her Limiter should be with her, but the Chevalier does not acknowledge their status because they have yet to perform the Baptism.

Rana and Satellizer then watch from a distance as Elizabeth Mably walks across the school with André Françoise, both of them complaining about the constant tests and questioning they have to undergo as survivors of the recent clash. They are met by Ingrid Bernstein, Creo Brand, and their Limiters Leo Bernard and Gorō Itsuki respectively. They are happy to see Elizabeth alive and well. Arnett McMillan comes out and immediately takes Elizabeth to the ground with a series of slaps, which Ingrid and Creo do not stop. Arnett rages that Elizabeth's leave was selfish, and her actions got Attia hospitalized, and she's still recovering. Elizabeth can only tear up and say that being hit never hurt so badly, and the girls reconcile.

Gengo and Kazuya meet seen in the doctor's office, with Kazuya standing before him. The freshman demanded to know who the Legendary Pandora were, and how Cassandra could have possibly been his aunt, since she and the sisters were around before his father was even born. Gengo simply repeated himself from earlier, that the same blood which ran through the sisters' veins ran through Kazuya's father as well, which made Cassandra and Ryuuichi siblings.

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