"It's true... we got one alright... a license to kill all of you."

Petty taunts Gengo's forces.

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License to Kill
Volume 23, Chapter 158
Chapter 158 Cover
Translation License to Kill
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License to Kill is the one-hundred fifty eighth chapter in the Freezing series, fourth chapter of Volume 23 and the sixteenth of the Busters Arc.


The Chevalier Pandora's are seen looking at the surveillance footage, and they call roll getting no response from one of the sectors. The camera footage shows Isabella Lucas and Jessica Edwin killing two Chevalier Pandora's in that sector which causes the alarm to go off. Satellizer L. Bridget and Kazuya Aoi are seen in Satellizer's room, where Satellizer tries, to drug him, by putting it in a drink. Kazuya notices the drug and declines the drink. Kazuya, after Satellizer's plan failed, takes responsibility as a Limiter, and decides to do the first room visit with Satellizer. They begin to have an intimate moment until, they are interrupted by the alarm. The busters are then shown, and are intercepted by more Chevalier Pandora's, but they Chevalier Pandora were surprised to find out that the Buster's were allowed to kill, as the Chevalier had given them a license to kill.


In one of the surveillance sectors, two Chevalier Pandora from the bridge headquarters wish they could attend the dinner party but decide to check in with the other gates. When they fail to receive a transmission from the east gate, one of them runs back footage from the east gate, showing two women killing the exterior guards. They sound the intruder alarm.

In Satellizer's room, Satella and Kazuya are rather uncomfortable. Satellizer offers Kazuya some wine, a toast that will make everything all right. Kazuya raises the glass to see a pill dissolving in the liquid. When Satella offers to drink half of it, Kazuya asks Satellizer to drink first. He then quickly states Satellizer is very suspicious and probably put a drug in his drink. A sweating Satellizer denies Kazuya's allegations. She says she'd never drug his drink and sleep next to him then have him take responsibility of a night he cannot remember. Kazuya refuses to drink at this point and Satellizer tries to force him. The pair end up toppling to the floor with Satellizer atop Kazuya.

The scene becomes increasingly heated and Kazuya grabs onto his Pandora. Kazuya assures Satellizer she did not need to use a sleeping pill because he'd never reject her. Kazuya grabs the top of Satella's dress and begins to disrobe her, which Satella allows. Suddenly, the intruder alarm goes off, startling and interrupting them. The alarm echoes throughout the base as the Busters advance.

The four intruders are intercepted by more Chevalier Pandora, who order them to surrender peacefully as well as arrest them for first-degree murder and trespassing on military grounds. Petty wishes they'd relax. Undercutting their execution of two Chevalier, Petty informs them that what they are doing right now is perfectly legal since the four of them have a license to kill everyone at the base.

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