"The power of his Freezing is off the charts!"

Andre and Morrison comment on Kazuya's strength.

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Volume 26, Chapter 177
Chapter 177
Translation Simulacrum
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Simulacrum is the one-hundredth and seventy-seventh chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of Volume 26, and the third chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


Kazuya battles the Pandora-Type Nova to protect Satellizer, inadvertently freeing Cassandra from their control. As Satellizer is attacked relentlessly by the Nova, the now free Legendary Pandora comes to her aid. Kazuya joins the fray, only for his Freezing to connect to Cassandra's mind, revealing memories of his childhood with her.


As Kazuya struggles to save Satellizer from the Nova and his possessed aunt, his eyes transform into those of a Nova and his Freezing engulfs all those nearby. As Cassandra is frozen, a memory of her time caring for an infant Kazuya enters her mind, freeing her from the Nova's control. Satellizer, seeing Cassandra and the Nova distracted, takes the opportunity to escape, utilizing her Transcendent wings to flee. Kazuya continues to pour his Freezing onto the Nova to buy time, while Isabella quickly judges the situation to be lost and flees the scene, leaving a Novafied Jessica behind.

A Pandora-Type begins launching attacks at Satellizer who despite her best efforts, is barely able to defend herself. She is saved at the last second by Cassandra, now in control of her own actions. After blocking their attacks, Cassandra casts an Anti-Freezing on the Nova. Seeing his chance and resolving to protect his friends, Kazuya casts his own Freezing to bluster Cassandra's. However, when the two fields cross, Kazuya is forcibly connected to Cassandra's mind. There he witnesses a scene from her past, namely of her caring for an infant in a large field. Upon closer inspection, Kazuya is shocked to recognize the infant as himself.

Event NotesEdit

  • Kazuya's Freezing frees Cassandra from the Nova's control.
  • Satellizer escapes from the Nova's clutches.
  • Cassandra joins the Pandora's side and begins battling the Nova.
  • Kazuya and Cassandra's minds are linked through their shared Freezing, allowing Kazuya to witness some of her memories.
  • Isabella withdraws from the fight.


  • A simulacrum is a representation or imitation of a person or thing.

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