"He gave us the power of emotions!"

Lucy to Teslad on what their father gave her and Chiffon.

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Created Existences
Volume 26, Chapter 178
Chapter 178
Translation Created Existences
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Created Existences  is the one-hundred and seventy-eighth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the third chapter of Volume 26, and the fourth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.


Kazuya realizes the true nature of his relationship to Cassandra, who battles the Type-Pandora Nova alone. Elsewhere, Rana engages Windy May and fights her evenly thanks to the power of the Plasma Stigma. Lucy duels Teslad and, after admitting to the power of emotions, deals her sister a grievous blow.


Upon recalling Eugene's words concerning the true nature of Freezing, Kazuya realizes that the images he witnessed came directly from Cassandra's heart. The Nova, previously subdued, nullify Cassandra's Anti-Freezing and quickly go on the offence against her. Kazuya attempts to assist her, but is stopped by Satellizer who tells him they must flee. Kazuya refuses to leave Cassandra to fight alone.

Meanwhile, Rana battles Windy May at the pool. The Valkyries are shocked by the level of increased power that Rana has gained from using Plasma Stigma and watch in awe as she breaks through Windy's defenses and strikes her cleanly. The Legendary Pandora recovers quickly and launches her own attack, which is blocked by Rana. Ouka notices Rana's Wings of Light and comments on their number, of which being four. She explains to Christine the nature of the wings and compares their appearance to one of an angel's. 

Nearby, Lucy battles her elder sister Teslad. During a blade lock, Lucy observes Rana's progress and comments on how far humans have managed to come. Teslad begins to strike again, forcing Lucy to turn back to the battle. Lucy tells her possessed sister that their father gave her and the other eldest Legendary Pandora great power, but not to herself or Chiffon. Lucy dexterously dodges Teslad's ferocious attack and continues her line of thought, namely that although Chiffon and herself cannot match their eldest sisters in terms of power, they too received something from their father. They received the power to understand humans and empathise with them, the power of emotions. As Teslad goes in for another attack, Lucy counters and severs her left arm. She tells Teslad that no matter how much she attempts to mimic their power, it will only push their hope farther away. But Lucy and Chiffon are different, they can understand human feelings and grow stronger. As Lucy goes on the attack, she declares that Teslad will never understand the hopes and dreams their father put into them.

Event NotesEdit

  • Kazuya realizes Cassandra's importance to him.
  • Rana Linchen vs. Windy May Aoi and Lucy Aoi vs. Teslad Aoi continues.
  • Rana is able to battle Windy May on equal footing thanks to the Plasma Stigma.
  • Lucy reveals that she and Chiffon are weaker than the other Legendary Pandora but are able to understand emotions better.
  • Lucy severs Teslad's left arm.

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