"It's yelling out to me... to destroy the enemy before me!"

Rana beginning to lose herself to the Transcendent Will.

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Volume 26, Chapter 182
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Translation Sacrifice
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Sacrifice is the one-hundred and eighty-second chapter of the Freezing manga series, the final chapter of Volume 26, and the eighth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.


Rana Linchen's power continues to escalate, but she also begins to give in the call to destroy. Meanwhile, Cassandra Aoi fares against the five Pandora-Type Nova that she summoned alone.


Lucy Aoi watches in surprise as Rana manages to push Windy back, at the same time Teslad Aoi renews her assault on her younger sister. Lucy questions how a normal Pandora could stand on equal footing with a Legendary Pandora, while also noting that the Plasma Stigmata on Rana must be taking its toll on her physically. Ouka Tenjouin and Christine Evora cheer joyously for Rana, only for their joy to turn to horror when Rana declares that her Stigmata implore her to destroy her enemy. 

Back at the plaza, Cassandra Aoi battles the Nova in a losing fight. Though she manages to behead one of the invaders, the others quickly surround and pummel her, severing both of her arms. Kazuya Aoi attempts to gain Satellizer L. Bridget's help in defending Cassandra, but the latter refuses and wishes to flee to safety. Kazuya spurns the idea and does not want to leave Cassandra behind. The two are quickly attacked by a duo of the Pandora-type Nova, but are protected by Cassandra at the last moment. Attacking in tandem, the Nova are able to overcome the Legendary Pandora's defenses and she is slowly shredded by their offensive attack. As Kazuya looks on distraught, as Cassandra tells him to run away.

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