"Kazuya... remember the reason... that you were born."

Cassandra comforting Kazuya.

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Legacy of the Past
Volume 27, Chapter 183
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Translation Legacy of the Past
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Ryuuichi Aoi

Legacy of the Past is the one-hundred and eighty-third chapter of the Freezing manga series, the first chapter of Volume 27, and the ninth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.


In the midst of battle against the Pandora-Type Nova, Kazuya unlocks his hidden potential but collapses under this new power.


Suffering a losing battle against the Pandora-Type Nova, Cassandra tells her nephew to run away. Teary-eyed Kazuya screams in refusal, his eyes glowing a powerful white. Kazuya releases a massive Omnidirectional Freezing that forces everyone except Cassandra onto their knees, Nova included. Kazuya begins to absorb Soul Power from Cassandra to magnify his Freezing, signified by the numbers on her Vital Frames drastically decreasing. The Pandora onlookers are amazed; however, Elizabeth quickly deduces the nature of Cassandra's Vital Frames, realizing that the numbers represent her total energy. Elizabeth therefore warns Satellizer that Kazuya is essentially stealing Cassandra's energy.

While absorbing Cassandra's power, Kazuya becomes connected with a vast amounts of human souls, particularly seeing their moments of anguish and anger. Kazuya becomes overwhelmed and his heart rate increases to critical levels. Kazuya wants it all to stop and his body suffers a complete panic attack. Satellizer tries to reach him to no avail. After she manages to cradle him, the frightening visage of a horribly beaten Cassandra stands above them glaring with her one eye. Cassandra kneels and her eyes soften as she brushes her fingers across Kazuya's face. Cassandra telepathically tells Kazuya that he will be ok. Now speaking, Cassandra tells Kazuya to trust her and remember the reason why he was born.

The story cuts to Cassandra holding an infant Kazuya. A flashback begins in August 2049 in Furano, Hokkaido.

Events NotesEdit

  • Kazuya develops the ability to absorb "Soul Energy," which magnifies his Freezing.
  • Kazuya suffers a panic attack and collapses.
  • Cassandra uses her telepathy to relay to Kazuya the story of his birth, represented by a flashback.

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