"I'll protect you no matter what.... even if I have to do so... in exchange for mankind's future."

Ryuuichi declares his determination to protect his family.

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Mask I
Volume 27, Chapter 186
Ch 186
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Mask I is the one-hundredth and eighty-sixth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the fourth chapter of Volume 27, and the twelfth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


Ryuuichi informs Orie of an addition to the Aoi family arrives and disaster looms ominously.


Freezing c186-98

Cassandra Aoi samples Orie Aoi's stew, fed by Kazuha and burns her mouth.

While having dinner, Ryuuichi informs Orie that he recently learned about his half-sister from his father. He tells her that he is a bit embarrassed by the idea, and wonders what his mother would think if she were still alive. He goes on to state that his sister is mentally handicapped and that Gengo had asked if he could look after her until his business trip was over. Orie takes the news badly and locks herself away in her room, with Ryuuichi desperately attempting to coax her out. She eventually relents and says Cassandra can come, since they can't refuse his father. Later that night, the two make love and Orie begs Ryuuichi to never leave her. He promises, saying that he loves her more than anything else in this world. Afterwards, Ryuuichi reflects on his father's words concerning his fate. He checks on Kazuha, and tells himself that she is not different, since she inherited something from both him and his mother. He resolves to protect her, even at the cost of mankind's future.

The following day, the family of three await Gengo's arrival. Upon arriving, the doctor thanks Orie for the help and apologizes for all the trouble. Orie states it is no trouble, but is intimidated by the beauty of Gengo's daughter, Cassandra Aoi. Composing herself, Orie welcomes Cassandra into her home. Ryuuichi later reflects that he should have prevented a great many mistakes before they happened, before stating that his very birth was the original mistake preceding all of this.  As the family of four sit down for dinner, Orie prepares Kazuha's favorite dish for Cassandra to try. Kazuha feeds her some, but ends up burning her mouth, much to Ryuuichi and Orie's mortification. As Kazuha and Cassandra spend time together in the living room, her parents observe their daughter's fondness for her new aunt. Orie wonders why Kazuha has become so attached to her already, worrying Ryuuichi. 

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  • Erika Kudo, Ryuuichi's mother, is revealed to have died prior to 2050.
  • This chapter marks the first time Cassandra is referenced with her surname, "Aoi," and it is assumed that all of the other Legendary Pandora share "Aoi" as a surname, including Chiffon Fairchild.

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