"Let's show our father.... how his children have decided to live...."

Ryuuichi Aoi to his sister Cassandra Aoi.

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Decision is the one-hundred and eighty-eighth chapter of the Freezing manga series, sixth chapter of Volume 27, and fourteenth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


The family grows closer thanks to the approaching birth. Cassandra and Ryuuichi resolve to show their will to fight. Orie experiences complications, and Gengo offers a chance to save her baby.


As her pregnancy develops, Orie happily exclaims that she can feel her child kicking and invites Kazuha to come feel. She says the new child will be named Kazuya and that he will be her little brother, so she must be a good older sister. Ryuuichi notes that both his wife and daughter have gotten closer recently, and Orie attributes it all to Kazuya. She believes their family bonds have grown stronger. Orie then notices Cassandra watching from afar and asks her to come over. She admits Cassandra is also a part of the family and lets her feel her stomach, which Cassandra does.

Later that night, Gengo calls and questions Orie's health. Ryuuichi assures him that she is fine. After the call, Ryuuichi notes his father's worry as strange, but brushes the topic aside. He notices Cassandra stargazing on the balcony and joins her. Ryuuichi comments on the time his sister has spent his family. He asks her if she can feel the warmth of his family, far away from Gengo's war against fate. In response, Cassandra leans forward and touches her forehead to Ryuuichi's. This relays memories directly into Ryuuichi's mind. As a result, he now understands that he and Gengo are the same in their choice to fight against fate. Ryuuichi and Cassandra then resolve to show their father how they've chosen to live against fate.

Time passes, and Orie's pregnancy continues to develop. One day she begins to experience intense pain, but attempts to brush Ryuuichi's concern aside. She promptly collapses and is taken to a nearby hospital. She is admitted into the emergency room, while Ryuuichi is prevented from following by men acting on Gengo's orders. In a rage he smashes one's head against the wall with surprising strength, only to be interrupted by the arrival of his father. Gengo explains that Kazuya's stigma density had increased, and if it continues to do so both mother and child will die before the birth. Ryuuichi begins to break down at the situation, lamenting that Orie truly needed Kazuya. Gengo interjects that there is no time for tears, that both can be saved if Ryuuichi gives him the go ahead.

Event NotesEdit

  • Cassandra reveals her telepathic abilities to Ryuuichi and shares her recent memories with him.
  • Orie suffers life-threatening complications with her second pregnancy.
  • Gengo offers Ryuuichi a chance to save Orie and his unborn son.

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