"You can do what you want. Kazuya is your child. All we've done is temporarily move him. That boy is without a doubt, your child. If you, his mother truly want to take him back, then I have no right to stop you."

Gengo Aoi to Orie to assure her when she rages over Cassandra carrying Kazuya.

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Substitute is the one-hundred and eighty-ninth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the seventh and final chapter of Volume 27, and the fifteenth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


Orie awakens from her surgery crushed to face the harsh reality that she cannot carry her baby, but Cassandra can.


Three days after being rushed to the hospital, Orie awakens from nightmares of Kazuya leaving her. She finds herself in Gengo's private laboratory after having gone through intensive surgery. Ryuuichi greets her and is joyful at her awakening. Orie quickly notices that she is no longer pregnant and demands to know what happened to her son. Ryuuichi tries to explain the situation, but Orie flees and confronts Gengo, demanding to know what he had done with her son, and she soon falls to her knees from the lingering pain of the operation. Gengo explains that her body could not support Kazuya, so he was moved to one that could in order to allow him to survive. Gengo takes the couple to Cassandra, who is now pregnant with Kazuya. Unable to accept the situation, Orie snaps and charges at Cassandra. Ryuuichi attempts to stop her but is thrown off. Just as Orie is about grab Cassandra, Gengo calmly interjects that Kazuya is her child and she can take him if she so desires. Stunned by his admission, Orie collapses. Lamenting that she was forced face this cruel fate, Orie states that she wishes she had died with Kazuya. She curses them for forcing her to face this reality. 

Later that night, Gengo silently reflects on Orie's words. He ponders if she may be right before being interrupted by a call. Ryuuichi is admitted and tells his father he intends to take Cassandra home with him. Gengo argues against it, citing what it could do to Orie's fragile mental state. Ryuuichi coolly rebuffs him, stating that Orie had asked for it. He then emotionlessly declares Cassandra to simply be a container for his and Orie's son. Their decision to take her home has nothing to do with fate, but is their own choice. 

Once home, Ryuuichi approaches a dazed Orie, who asks for Kazuya. Ryuuichi assures her he is home, but is disturbed when Orie speaks as if Kazuya is still inside her. Ryuuichi holds his wife and promises that their son will be fine. Unbeknownst to the couple, fate continues to move forward.

Event NotesEdit

  • Orie's body can no longer handle the Stigmatic Body foetus of Kazuya Aoi, so Ryuuichi authorizes the foetus' transference into Cassandra.
  • Orie begins her steady spiral toward insanity.
  • Cassandra is taken by Ryuuichi to keep living with his family.

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