"You... Where a mistake... You... should never have been born... Yes, you were born by mistake, Kazuya... We need to reset everything... and start over again..."

Aoi Orie to infant Aoi Kazuya before attempting to smother him.

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Rejection II
Volume 28, Chapter 191
Freezing c191
Translation Rejection II
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Rejection II is the one-hundred ninety-first chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of Volume 28, and the seventeenth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


Orie snaps when she is forced to accept that neither of her children see her as "mother".


Upon seeing Cassandra breastfeeding her son, Orie snaps and charges at the pair. She hysterically demands Kazuya be given back to her, much to Cassandra's surprise. Ryuuichi attempts to intercept her, only to be denounced by his wife, who claims he is no different than Gengo and everyone else. She believes them all to desire to take Kazuya away from her, and promises that no one will take her son from her. Orie recklessly attempts to grab Kazuya's head, but is promptly stopped by Cassandra. Orie is thrown down and injured from the brief contact with the Legendary Pandora. Now sobbing, Orie weakly demands Kazuya be given back to her. Gengo calmly walks across the room and takes Cassandra's arm, asking her to give Kazuya back to his mother, Orie. Forlornly, Cassandra hands Kazuya to Gengo, who precedes to hand him back to Orie. Gengo promises his daughter-in-law that nobody wishes to take Kazuya away, and that he simply wanted to help him.  Unexpectedly, Kazuya begins to cry fiercely in Orie's arms, surprising everyone. Ryuuichi attempts to calm his son, but Orie suddenly stands and begin walking towards Cassandra. Ryuuichi goes to stop her, but is interrupted by Gengo. Orie hands her son to Cassandra, who stops crying immediately. Orie breaks into deranged laughter, before crumbling to the ground and sobbing violently as Ryuuichi looks on in tears and Gengo looks away in regret. As the family scene plays out, fate is noted to be winding down its path unopposed from the moment Kazuya decided upon who his mother truly was.

Back at their home, Orie watches Cassandra tend to Kazuya under a nearby tree. She assures Ryuuichi that she is fine and will do anything for Kazuya's sake. Later that night, as everyone sleeps, Orie sneaks into her son's room. She declares him to be a mistake that should never have been born. Explaining that a new start is needed, Orie begins smothering Kazuya. She promises that the next time she gives birth to him will be perfect and he will truly be her son. Suddenly, Orie is interrupted by a demand for an explanation. Turning around, Orie is confronted by a furious Kazuha.

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