"Tell me, lady... What the hell are you doing...?"

Aoi Kazuha to Aoi Orie.

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Rejection III
Volume 28, Chapter 192
Freezing c192
Translation Rejection III
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Rejection III is the one-hundred ninety-second chapter of the Freezing manga series, the third chapter of Volume 28, and the eighteenth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


Kazuha makes an impulsive decision to save her brother.


Kazuha catches her mother attempting to smother Kazuya. In her anger, Kazuha calls Orie "Lady," driving Orie to try to smother her baby even harder. Kazuha leaps to Kazuya's defense.

Ryuuichi awakens to a lot of noise and rushes into Kazuya's room to see Kazuha having stabbed Orie with a broken piece of glass, taken from the shattered window. Kazuha looks dumbfounded by what she had just done. Orie hands Kazuya to Kazuha, saying that he is her brother. Orie apologizes for not being like Kazuha before collapsing.

Orie is taken to an ambulance with Ryuuichi trying to assure her that she will be okay. Orie explains that she was a fool for falling in love for someone like Ryuuichi as a normal woman, but she loved him anyway. Orie laments that everything could have been different if Ryuuichi had been with Cassandra from the start. In her last words, Orie cries that neither of her children saw her as their mother. When Orie finally dies, Ryuuichi wails for his wife.

Cassandra has stayed behind to watch Kazuha and Kazuya. Kazuha stares into the sky when her mother's spirit assures Kazuha that she did nothing wrong. Kazuha soon explodes in tears, crying for her mom.

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  • Kazuha fatally wounds Orie to save Kazuya.

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