"A prototype legendary stigma made using a minified version of the Legendary Pandora's stigmata... She's already had five of them implanted in her... and yet she's taken them in like it was nothing... I guess that shows... you really are Ryuuichi's daughter..."

Gengo Aoi to himself."

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Role I is the one-hundred ninety-third chapter of the Freezing manga series, the fourth chapter of Volume 28, and the nineteenth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash arc.


Ryuuichi begins to spiral out of control after the death of Orie. When, Kazuha Aoi attempts to explain the Transcendent Will to her father, Ryuuchi seeks a fresh start.


After a brief background concerning the Transcendent Will that fills all living things and provides them with a purpose, Kazuha promises Orie's soul that she will protect Kazuya.

At Orie's funeral Gengo is surprised that Kazuha has already said her farewell to her mother, and cold rumors are beginning to spread about the Aoi Family.

Ryuuichi does not attend to the funeral, mourning in private and lashing out hysterically at Cassandra when she sees him. After he tries to take his son away from her, Kazuya cries in his arms.

Kazuha has begun her training with Gengo, and the origins of her Stigmata are revealed. She returns home to Ryuuichi, who has been drinking heavily. After she asks why he is sitting alone in the dark, Kazuha casually reveals that her training with Gengo is allowing her to speak to Orie. This alarms Ryuuichi, who proposes they leave so that Gengo can't influence Kazuha anymore. Kazuha is puzzled by her father's sadness over Orie's death, reasoning that because she is dead that doesn't mean she is gone. Kazuha's calm acceptance of her mother's demise enrages Ryuuichi, who blames his daughter for her mother's death. Kazuha reveals that she didn't hate her mother and that she was merely protecting Kazuya until he and Kazuha could fulfill their duties. Ryuuichi is further enraged by this, demanding to know if Kazuha is even Orie's child. Kazuha is puzzled by this, and affirms her relationship to Ryuuichi.

Ryuuichi rushes to confront Gengo, who is tired of his son's actions and reasons that even fleeing won't enable his son to hide from him. Faced with his grief-stricken and furious son, Gengo reveals that Ryuuichi's purpose is to serve as a guide for all of the Transcended Beings that exist on planet Earth.

Event NotesEdit

  • Kazuha promises Orie that she will protect Kazuya.
  • Orie is buried.
  • Kazuha receives her first six Stigmata.
  • Ryuuichi begins to become unhinged.
  • Ryuuichi confronts Gengo.

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