"That's some mouth you've got there! You think I'm gonna thank you for what you did to me!?"

Arnett McMillan to Kazuya Aoi as she tries to attack him for controlling her.

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Turning Point
Volume 29, Chapter 197
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Turning Point is the one-hundred ninety-seventh chapter of the Freezing manga series, the first chapter of Volume 29, and the twenty-third chapter of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.


Kazuya continues to assert his control over the Transcendent Pandora, and Rana Linchen risks consumption by the Transcendent Will.


Kazuya and his friends continue to battle the Nova. Evolving Elizabeth's Volt Weapon and using it to suppress the enemy, Kazuya creates an opening for Satellizer and Arnett to destroy the Pandora-Types. Ticy, Franka, and Tiziana are astounded as the battle finishes. Once the threat is eliminated and Kazuya deactivates his powers, Arnett  and Elizabeth turn on him. They demand an answer for his actions, likening his behavior to rape. To the shock of everyone, Kazuya agrees. He replies that he tried not to affect them too much, but counters that he had no other choice if he wanted to protect everyone and defeat the Nova. Enraged, Arnett moves to attack Kazuya, but is interrupted by Ticy. She explains that she understands how they feel, but also that it can't be denied that if Kazuya had not stepped in everyone would have perished. Arnett tries to argue that Ticy doesn't understand, but she explains that she was also affected by Kazuya's Freezing, albeit to a lesser degree. She points out that the Valkyries were unaffected, and states that they must understand the situation completely, raising the possibility that this scenario may have been planned by someone. Taking charge, she declares that they must survive this battle no matter what and asks if anyone has contact with the command center. Franka interjects that Rana and Lucy are currently engaged with the Legendary Pandora and that they must assist them right away.

Back at the pool, Rana begins to completely lose herself to the Stigmata. Lucy fears that without help she will be devoured by the Transcendent Will.

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