"That's enough, Rana... You shouldn't hurt your allies... Your fellow humans... and that's... AN ORDER!!!"

Kazuya to Rana as he tries to prevent her from attacking their allies in her Nova form state.

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Noise is the one-hundred ninety-eighth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of Volume 29, and the twenty-fourth chapter of the 13th Nova Clash Arc.


The shelters regain communication and the West Genetics Pandora watch Rana Linchen dominate the Legendary Pandora. Kazuya arrives at the pool with his friends to stop her.


Attia, who has been hospitalized since before the Busters's attack on the complex over hears loud conversation about the information blackout finally being lifted. As Attia wonders for her friends and comrades other Pandora within the shelter converse about whats going on.

Roxanne and Charles with other Pandora in attendance debate on the meaning of HQ's lifting of the blackout. One of the Pandora has a mobile device and has managed to bring up a video feed of what's happening outside.

The gathered Pandora watch as Junior Rana Linchen fights with the Legendary Pandora and marvel at her power, and discuss what her newest moves are. Comparing some to President Chiffon's.

Meanwhile, Rana having been egged on by images of her sister Luna, Lucy attempts to reason with the Junior Pandora. She believes she has succeeded until Rana attacks are renewed.

Kazuya arrives with the other Pandora just in time to stop Rana from landing a potentially fatal blow on Lucy.

Arcadia Aoi wakens.

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