"Haha, who knew you could be so cute. You're like a little puppy."

Louis Alexander Eluka speaking to Kazuya Aoi.

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Unknown World I
Volume 30, Chapter 206
Chapter 206
Translation Unknown World I
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Unknown World I is the two-hundred and sixth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the fourth of Volume 30, and the fifth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Kazuya explores the new world, confronting old enemies and familar faces.


Having saved an unconscious Kazuya, the mysterious woman named Louis Alexander Eluka enjoys supper at her camp. Kazuya awakens and is shocked to find himself in the wilderness, as the last thing he remembers was being in Gengo's lab. He and Louis attempt to communicate but quickly discover that they speak different languages and cannot understand each other. Despite this, Louis promises to protect Kazuya and take him to safety. The pair is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a Pandora-Type Nova, which Louis calls an "Order". Drawing her sword, which seems to contain Stigmata, she summons a combat aid in the form of a young woman. She resolves to send the Nova's soul back to "Holy Will". To Kazuya's great surprise, Louis' combat aid is able to dominate the Nova, easily beating it into submission.

After defeating it, Soul Energy begins to leak from its disintegrating body. Kazuya starts absorbing the energy, which enrages Louis. Stating that he will now transform into a Nova himself, Louis attacks. Kazuya tries to explain himself but is overcome by strong emotions stemming from the absorbed energy. He defends himself by Freezing Louis, but is caught off-guard when he is unable to stop the combat aid. Before he is struck, Louis stands down. Due to his Freezing field, Kazuya was able to convey to Louis that he meant no harm. Louis admits that she has no idea what Kazuya is, but still intends to escort him to the Holy Capital.

Upon arriving in Elukarium, Kazuya notices that the city seems to be stuck in the medieval age in terms of aesthetic and clothing. Louis approaches a merchant and purchases a cloak in order to hide Kazuya, prompting him to realize that he has not seen a single man since arriving.

The two head for Alexander Castle, where Louis complains of the royal treatment that is heaped on her. A woman descends from the steps commenting that Louis hadn't changed and was still a tomboy. Louis addresses her as sister and Kazuya is thunderstruck to see that woman looks exactly like Satellizer L. Bridget.

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