"They're... just like the Pandora... from our world!?"

Kazuya upon seeing a group of Rounders.

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Rounds is the two-hundred and eighth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the first chapter of Volume 31, and the seventh chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Kazuya attends the Round festival and discovers the fate of the Nova in the new dimension.


Kazuya watches in awe as a large Nova is paraded through the streets by horse-drawn carriages. Recalling his grandfather's words, he accepts the reality that he has crossed into another dimension. He also ponders why there are humans present, even a version of Satellizer L. Bridget. Louis suddenly interrupts by handing Kazuya some food, which he accepts. She tries to explain that the festival is meant to celebrate the "Soul", the source of the kingdom's prosperity. Kazuya recognizes the use of Soul Energy, but remains unable to communicate directly. 

Elsewhere, a man resembling Gengo Aoi enjoys sexual liaisons with several women. In the midst of the orgy, he comments that with the passing of another year, the time for the Round has come. He maliciously admits to wishing to hear the screams of the vanquished.

At a large colosseum, Kazuya witnesses Satellizer Alexander leading a small of group of Rounders to participate in the festival. To his shock, he sees that the "Holy Mother" who the crowd have been cheering is a doppelganger of Maria Lancelot who calls herself "Maria Eluka Nova ". Maria Eluka blesses the souls of the departed and the crowd while declaring the start of the Round. She releases ethereal chains on the Nova, which begins releasing a torrent of pent up emotions. Sensing this, Kazuya compares it to the resonation of the Type-Amelia Nova during the 11th Nova Clash. The Rounders jump into action, summoning their combat aids, called Guarders.

From atop a large tower, Gengo's doppelganger watches the festival and gloats that Satellizer Alexander should enjoy the applause of the crowd while she can.

The Nova begins releasing Pandora-Type Nova to attack the Rounders. As they are cut down,  Kazuya hears them scream in anguish and beg for help. Enraged, Kazuya steps forth from the crowd and demands that the warriors stop. He is quickly found out to be male.

Busy with the fight, Satellizer Alexander notes that the Order's presence is much stronger than usual. She orders the Nova to be destroyed. Using Stigmata Wings to boost her Guarder and impale the Nova. In response, it releases a massive Freezing field that subdues everyone nearby.

Gengo's doppelganger is surprised by the strength of his sabotage, but notes that it is fine so long as he can embarrass the Rounders in front of Lady Maria.

Unable to move, the Rounders are attack viciously by the Nova. Kazuya, unaffected by the sensation.

Event NotesEdit

  • The Round begins.
  • Due to sabotage, Kazuya steps forward to help and is discovered.

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