"This is a Holy War with the fate of mankind at stake!"

Gengo Aoi addressing his army.

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Stone Statues of Lamentation
Volume 30, Chapter 209
Cover 209
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Stone Statues of Lamentation is the two-hundred and ninth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of Volume 31, and the tenth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Kazuya joins the Round while Gengo and his army brace themselves for the Chevalier's next attack.


Leaping into the fight, Kazuya counters the Nova's Freezing with his own and frees the Rounders. Gengo's doppelganger meanwhile is shocked to see a man counter the Nova so easily. 

Kazuya tries to coordinate an attack with the Rounders, but finds them buckling under the emotional pressure of his Freezing. He mentally speaks to Satellizer, imploring her to trust him. Although struggling due to memories of having once been assaulted by Gengo's double, Kazuya reassures Satellizer and the Rounders agree to work with him.

Watching his plan being thwarted, Gengo's double panics and decides he must stop Kazuya. The Rounders attack the Nova all at once, and begin to hear its voice thanks to Kazuya. They are surprised to hear it exclaim hatred for them sacrificing it. Before it explodes, Maria Eluka intervenes and stops it. She then approaches Kazuya and asks if he comes from another world. 

Back in the original dimension, Satellizer and Rana wonder sadly when Kazuya will return, unaware of a grave threat approaching them.

Isabella Lucas, now a First Lieutenant, leads a naval battlefleet towards West Genetics. She questions her subordinate if there are any complications from their new Plasma Suits. Second Lieutenant Bara replies no, but questions the need for so much firepower against a small school. Isabella responds that even with the combined strength of the Chevalier's Asian and European armies, there chances of victory are only about 50%. She explains that the world gave the most dangerous man alive too much in order to protect itself, and that they must now overthrow that dictator and retake their power.

At West Genetics, Gengo, Scarlett, andSu-Na prepare for the Chevalier's attack. Gengo accurately deduces that their intelligence has been leaked and prompted the Chevalier to strike. Scarlett suggests using the Legendary Pandora to augment their ten platoons of Pandora. Gengo counters that he can't abandon Kazuya and the path mankind must take, and issues a warning to all of West Genetics to prepare for combat. 

Event NotesEdit

  • Maria Eluka intervenes in the Round and ends it personally.
  • Isabella Lucas has her arm restored and officially re-instated as a member of the Chevalier as a First Lieutenant.
  • The Chevalier Pandora are upgraded with Plasma Suits.
  • Radox Phantomheim enlists the European and Asian Chevalier forces to fight the war against Gengo Aoi and West Genetics.
  • Gengo Aoi realizes the leak of intelligence of his inner circle and alerts his base of the impending war.

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