"Will you trust in Aoi Gengo and live on as True Pandora, or die labeled a traitor against mankind?"

Su-Na addressing West Genetics Pandora.

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Maria is the two-hundred and tenth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the third chapter of Volume 31, and the eleventh chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc. It also doubles as the first chapter of the 14th Nova Clash.


Kazuya speaks to the Queen. West Genetics prepares for all out war. An unexpected appearence could spell catastrophe. 


Kazuya is granted an audience with the Holy Mother and begins to explain his mission and where he comes from. Back on Earth, Gengo puts West Genetics on alert and readies for a Chevalier invasion. 

The Pandora of the academy gather, and Su-Na explains the situation. She gives an impassioned speech that there are but two choices left to them; trust in Gengo Aoi and act as True Pandora, or die as enemies of the Chevalier

On the Chevalier's flagship, Radox prepares to kill Gengo using any means necessary. He is interrupted by the appearance of a new group of Nova. He decides to allow them to attack West Genetics first in order to weaken Gengo, but is caught off guard when they begin to attack his forces instead. 

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