"Are they really going to rebel against a goddess?"

Ibanyle before Platoon 13 fight the Goddesses of Balance.

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Pandora vs. Goddess is the two-hundred and sixteenth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the fifth and final chapter of Volume 32, and the seventeenth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


The Pandora of Platoon 13 are fearless before the Goddesses of Elca.


The Pandora of Platoon 13 have arrived in the Elca Dimension with Satellizer occupying Satellizer Alexander's body. Roxanne and Charles analyze the battlefield, but Cassie addresses Kazuya and makes it their priority to take him and get everyone home through Arcadia Aoi. Roxanne explains that Arcadia is inactive, somewhere in the dimension keeping Kazuya's body in tact while the Legendary Pandora do the same for them.

After discussing Gengo's Singularity Wave Theory and the way they all perceive the Elca Dimension, Roxanne points out the murderous Soul Energy which wishes to kill Kazuya. Roxanne addresses the battlefield once more but wishes to leave peacefully. She walks to Pulucsigel Eluka Nova, hoping to communicate with her, but the Goddess of Balance attacks her with a particle beam.

Roxanne instantly and mysteriously dodges the attack which she believes gives her permission to engage in battle. Pulucseigal resumes her attack and Roxanne continues to dodge before assuming The Fairchild Buster. Roxanne's platoon then joins her in assuming their Volt Weapons. Pulucseigal mocks her attackers and goads them into battle with a Freezing.

Charles and Roxanne act as decoys immediately pressuring Pulucseigal with Tempest clones and a multitude of attack pods. Cassie and Rana act as strikers. Cassie exposes the shield to allow Rana to punch through it and strike Pulucseigal with Burning Fang. Charles follows up with an attack from Vibrato Hell but the goddess dodges with an Accel. Cassie intercepts Pulucseigal and outpaces her easily.

Outraged, fellow goddess, Bonemian Eluka Nova, attacks Cassie with a particle beam, but Roxanne easily blocks it with a barrier. Charles then slashes Bonemian, distracting Pulucseigal and Cassie pierces her in kind. Meanwhile, Satellizer requests Kazuya step back. She begins charging energy to fulfill her role as the Finisher.

Event NotesEdit

  • Lucy Aoi has been placed in stasis with her sisters
  • The Pandora of Platoon 13 combat the Sovereign Nova


  • This is the first chapter Roxanne Elipton has demonstrated the totality of her abilities. Other chapters, she fights off-screen, or her abilities and powers are implied.

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