"Answer me, human from another world. Are you like us, a Guardian of Balance?"

Erectar Eluka Nova to Satellizer L. Bridget due to her phenomenal power.

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Transcendent Accel is the two-hundred and seventeenth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the first chapter of Volume 33, and the eighteenth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


The Goddesses of Elca demonstrate their power against the Pandora of Platoon 13.


Satellizer compresses her Soul Energy at its maximum and she delivers a Transcendent Accel that obliterates half of Pulucsigel Eluka Nova's body to the shock and awe of all the Goddesses of Balance. As the goddesses are distracted by Pulucsigel's injury, Charles and Cassie corner Bonemian and identify their weakness.

Erectar then descends before Satellizer and uses her telepathy to communicate. All of them can hear her. Erectar comments on humans being fundamentally incapable of compressing Soul Energy the way Satellizer and her comrades can. She asks the West Genetics Pandora if she too is a Goddess of Balance. Satellizer responds with a Double Accel that another goddess blocks with her body, causing Satellizer's weapon to shatter.

The additional goddess concedes that the singularities are threats and need to be dealt with quickly. Erectar agrees and fires six lasers from atop her head that the Pandora either block or dodge. Ibanyle laughs in malevolent jubilee that the singularities will die now that all of the goddesses are fighting. Maria Eluka Nova herself worries if the Pandora can win.

Cassie informs their leader Roxanne that the goddess's attacks are getting heavier. Therefore, Rana decides to attack and end the battle herself, but this time the goddesses are able to keep up with the Pandora. Erectar and two others combine their might to form a massive particle beam that Rana narrowly evades with the Tempest Turn . However, the Goddesses were for waiting for the moment Rana split into her clones, so they can intercept each one and strike.

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