"That human's soul capacity is the same as your own!!"

Garatolos Eluka Nova to Erectar with regards to Satellizer L. Bridget's incredible power.

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Transcendent Accel
The Power of the Goddesses II

The Power of the Goddesses I is the two-hundred and eighteenth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of Volume 33, and the nineteenth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


The Goddess of Balance analyze the power of the Pandora.


Rana's Tempest Turn evasion is intercepted by four of the goddesses, and Erectar Eluka Nova personally bludgeons Rana into the ground. All of the goddesses then team up to blast Rana with a tremendous barrage of lasers. Satellizer wants to help but the power of her previous Transcendent Accel renders her stagnant. Cassie, the second fastest of them, moves to assist Rana herself but the injured Pulucseigel will not let her get close. She fires a particle beam on Cassie who barely gets away.

Curious by their unique opponents, Erectar orders Garatolos Eluka Nova to measure the maximum soul capacity. Cassie can manipulate 1500, Charles 1700, and Roxanne 4000, meaning they can manipulate Soul Energy 500 times more than any human. Erectar has Satellizer analyzed, and she supersedes all three of them by being able to manipulate 15000 units of Soul Energy, making her power comparable to Erectar herself.

Maria can hear the analysis and relates Soul Energy compression to regular humans, rounders, Nova, and the Goddesses. Erectar detects but one soul in each of the girls, confirming they are certainly human. Garatolos says that the goddesses gather soul energy and then expel it. The Pandora, however, manipulate their single human soul energy and compress it thousands of times. They can then replenish their lost power. They even look back to Satellizer who is ready to fire a second Transcendent Accel.

Satellizer charges toward Erectar, but her blade doesn't even scratch Erectar's extremely durable skin. She doesn't need a barrier. Erectar acknowledges Satellizer's power and pierces through her limbs with lasers.

The attack on Satellizer awakens Rana, who survived the goddess's relentless assault on her. Rana rises and taps into the totality of her transcendence, causing wings of light to bloom on her back. Garatolos confirms that Rana can compress even more Soul Energy than Satellizer.

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