"They are Nova sent by the Transcendent Will to restore balance to Eluka! Let us show them that we will not be defeated so easily."

Erectar Eluka Nova to to her sisters.

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The Power of the Goddesses I

The Power of the Goddesses II is the two-hundred and nineteenth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the third chapter of Volume 33, and the twentieth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


The Pandora of Platoon 13 are too powerful to be considered human, so powerful that the Goddesses of Balance believe them to be transcendent punishment.


Rana Linchen rises before the Goddesses of Balance with thick wings of light, recovering from their previous assault on her. Garatolos analyzes Rana and estimates her power to 20,000 units of Soul Energy. Bonemian Eluka Nova refuses to admit Rana's power and attacks her with a particle beam. Rana blocks the attack with one hand and surrounds Bonemian with 4 Tempest clones. Rana then unleashes the totality of Burning Fang and kills Bonemian. Erectar deems Rana's power too great for a human and labels her a Nova.

Meanwhile, Satellizer taps into Eluka's large supply of soul energy and heals her wounds. Kazuya is horrified at this because "soul energy" is produced from the deceased. Satellizer is essentially healing her body with the death of others. Kazuya subsequently believes that the Nova are balance. They are created to punish those who abuse soul energy. Maria Eluka Nova believes similarly, but she believes that the Pandora are actually Nova sent by the Transcendent Will to punish the Goddesses and destroy Eluka for abusing soul energy to improve their lives.

Erectar arrives to the same conclusion as Maria. She acknowledges Bonemian's death and her energy spreading out. She wishes for the Goddesses to converge to one being to stop the Nova (Pandora). Erectar calls out to Maria and dismisses their differences as the fight now is a fight for survival of Eluka. Maria agrees and subsequently joins her sisters into merging into one Unknown-Type Nova. Before merging, Maria calls out to Kazuya, saying no matter his struggle, she cannot deny her true status as a Goddess of Eluka.

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  • At full strength, Rana is able to compress 20,000 units of Soul Energy, more than any other Pandora except the Legendary Pandora.

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