"You have to finish it with the first attack. It's pretty easy to do!"

Rana Linchen to Cassie Lockheart as she exposes the Nova's core.

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Volume 33, Chapter 220
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Conflict is the two-hundred and twentieth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the fourth chapter of Volume 33, and the twenty-first chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Platoon 13 deploys their 5-Pandora attack formation to take down the Goddesses of Balance.


The Goddesses of Balance have merged into a single massive Nova to the shock of Platoon 13. The Goddesses are determined to prove to the Transcendent Will that they are fit to survive. Erectar continues to refute Maria's suggestion of communicating with the Pandora, believing they have come to destroy Eluka.

The Nova fires a massive particle beam, and a paralyzed Ibanyle is among those caught in the line of fire. Platoon 13 evade the attack and Cassie addresses the unnecessary cruelty of such an attack. Platoon 13 then initiates Formation D: Anti-Nova. Roxanne promptly detaches her attack pods and sieges the enemy, joined by Charles Bonaparte and her Tempest clones. The Nova fires upon the decoys, giving Cassie the range to attack the heart of the beast with a Quadruple Accel. While Cassie's attack forces the Nova to automatically trigger its invisible shields, she cannot break through it to expose the core. Rana mocks Cassie's weakness and exposes the core herself with a transcendent punch.

Roxanne then turns to Satellizer and orders her to destroy the Nova. The latter is nearly ready to deal the final attack.

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