"It seems the force of life overflows infinitely from within our bodies."

Cassie Lockheart describes the sensation of transcendece.

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Chance is the two-hundred and twenty-first chapter of the Freezing manga series, the fifth and final chapter of Volume 33, and the twenty-second chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Platoon 13 experiences an overflow of power.


Satellizer blitzes the gigantic Nova fusion of the Goddesses of Balance with her Transcendent Accel and crashes. The Pandora think they've won as they've pierced through the Nova's core, but only one of the Nova's appendages calls off instead.

Satellizer recovers from her attack and explains the way Elca is filled with Soul Energy for them to use. As such, she instantly reactivates her Transcendent Form. Rana does the same and Roxanne follows suit with ease.

Erectar looks down on their evolving opponents and resolves to do nothing but destroy them. Maria Eluka advises they try to communicate with them but Erectar believes with certainty that the Pandora only wish to devour them. She has their fused Nova form release massive particle whips which Roxanne easily blocks with a large barrier, wider, stronger, and longer sustained due to her transcendence. Roxanne then teases Charles for not "awakening" herself. The French Pandora struggles to tap into Elca's energy but she succeeds in transcending, blooming two wings of light on her back. Cassie does so last and does so instantly, drawing four wings.

Kazuya doesn't believe the Pandora should be using their transcendent power because Soul Energy is actually energy from a deceased person's soul. Maria Eluka's spirit then appears before Kazuya and she too beckons for the fighting to stop.

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