"Aoi Gengo was born by chance in this world full of Nova... meeting Maria is like a miracle itself."

Chiffon Fairchild to Kazuya about his grandfather.

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Will of the Affiliate I
Volume 34, Chapter 223
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Will of the Affiliate I is the two-hundred and twenty-third chapter of the Freezing manga series, the second chapter of (the currently unreleased) Volume 34, and the twenty-fourth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Kazuya speaks with his late aunt, Chiffon Fairchild.


Chiffon takes Kazuya to the place where his mother and Cassandra spent most of their time when he was an infant under a tree on top of a hill.

Chiffon gives a background to Kazuya on how Gengo was born by chance in the world full of Nova and how meeting Maria is like a miracle from what he saw and heard from her. She shows Kazuya how his grandfather, who was young at the time made artificial pillars to test the theory of the wave of singularity which became his first experiment.

Chiffon states that no one believed in Gango's theory, but he'll prove them wrong that he's correct and wont give up showing that special waves that are sent to humans to when he was beginning to experiment in to develop special and distinguished devices in the lake and meeting Maria who comes from another world which was the beginning of everything.

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