"If that is God's will, then I... will fight God until my last breath!"

Gengo Aoi determined to save mankind.

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Will of the Affiliate II
Volume 34, Chapter 224
Freezing Chapter 224 Title Update
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Will of the Affiliate II is the two-hundred and twenty-fourth chapter of the Freezing manga series, the third chapter of (the currently unreleased) Volume 34, and the twenty-fourth chapter of the Exit Revenant Arc.


Kazuya's conversation with Chiffon continues.


Kazuya learns the truth about his grandfather's doing and the Novas. he finds out Gengo didn't send him to Eluka to defeat the Novas but because the Novas were called from Earth.

Chiffon says that humans can escape the Transcendental Will by maintaining the struggle and for that reason Gengo created the Pandoras. Gengo learn from Maria that humans who give up their feelings will perish with the universe as he wanted to understand that desire and become a human being who fights against God. 

With this, Gengo executed his plan using all the information through Maria with a single point wave reflector that was installed in locations around the world to unite everyone which became effectively thanks to the Nova.

The device allowed Gengo to recognize the transcendence that created the whole world as "Nova" and the organization that fights them called "Chevalier".

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