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Chiffon Will Show You The Proper Technique For Empathizing (シフォンが示す正しい共感の術 Chiffon ga shimesu tadashii kyoukan no jutsu) is a doujinshi created by Milkcow (Lee Soo Hyon) under the Milk Land label through CDPA for C84 (2013 Summer Comiket). It was made in collaboration with Moonzero, Anicd, Ariose, and released concurrently with Cross Make 2013 Summer in July 2013.


Gengo Aoi is planning to breed better anti-Nova warriors, so he selects the best Limiter, his grandson, Kazuya Aoi, who has the best Stigma Body, and the best Pandora, Chiffon Fairchild, who has recently graduated from Genetics, to be the source material. Chiffon follows Gengo's orders explicitly, and Kazuya is unable to resist.

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