"Even so, I believed that obeying the Chevalier was the correct thing to do for our company..."

Christopher Mably during the meeting at Mably Headquarters in "Resolve".

Christopher Mably
Christopher manga
Christopher Mably, as he appears in the manga
Kana クリストファー マブリー
Romaji Kurisutofā Maburī
First Appearance Chapter 64
Nationality British
Personal Status
Relatives Mrs. Mably (wife)
Elizabeth Mably (eldest daughter)
Daisy Mably (youngest daughter)
Thomas Mably (son)
Status Alive
Voice Actor
Japanese Koichi Kimura
English Bob Magruder
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Christopher Mably is the father of elite West Genetics Pandora Elizabeth Mably and the head of the Mably Corporation.


Christopher is the head of the Mably family, which mainly specializes in women's cosmetics and accessories. While raising Elizabeth, Christopher taught her the concept of Noblesse oblige.


Christopher Mably (Anime)

Christopher Mably, as he appears in the anime

Christopher is a bald man with a brown moustache. He also seems to be very skinny, as his cheekbones are shown to be easily visible. He is usually seen wearing a business suit, as well as a necktie.


Christopher shares many qualities with his daughter, such as a righteous outlook on life. He possesses great courage as seen when he was willing to stand up to the Chevalier despite the danger.

According to Elizabeth, Christopher has both a kind and strong heart.

Freezing: ZeroEdit

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Elizabeth Mably ArcEdit

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The Mably Family

Christopher and his family enjoying a peaceful morning.

Christopher is seen greeting his daughter, during the morning, reading the paper. They are slowly joined by the rest of the Mably family which consists of his wife, his daughter Daisy and his son Thomas, having an enjoyable morning.


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E-Pandora Project ArcEdit

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Christopher Mably

Christopher and his colleagues debating on whether to oppose the Chevalier.

Christopher is seen having a meeting, after receiving a letter from his daughter, Elizabeth Mably, which stated the gross misuse of power by the Chevalier, as they clearly had used Gina just to promote their own project, knowing it would be costly to her life. The meeting at Mably headquarters shows the board members opposing Christopher's decision in helping her daughter to take down Chevalier, for the fact that they would have to take on the whole world, and possibly destroy their business. Christopher tries to convince the board of his decision, stating that Chevalier has started sacrificing people, all in the name of a false justice, which goes against the very thing he taught his own daughter, noblesse oblige.

Christopher is then seen in a meeting with senator Samuel Adams, the leader of the American Democrat party, in the United States. Samuel decides to help Christopher, by making sure the information they had received was true, taking immediate action. Samuel then states how impressed he was with the author, complementing Christopher on having such a daughter like Elizabeth Mably.

Christopher is then seen shocked at the news that the supposed inspection on Chevalier had ended, sooner then it began, and that the senator had been removed from his own office for supposed personal reasons. Christopher's plan had been crushed by the Chevalier so quickly, and easily, as well as his own company being charged with embezzlement and are now being inspected, destroying their good reputation.



Mrs. MablyEdit

Mrs. Mably is Christopher's wife and the mother of his children.

Elizabeth MablyEdit

Christopher has shown that he cares deeply for Elizabeth, who is his eldest daughter. He trusts her judgement greatly, willing to risk his reputation and company on her word.

Thomas MablyEdit

Thomas is Christoper's only son.

Daisy MablyEdit

Daisy is Christopher's youngest daughter.


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