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Don't Look♥The Pandora's Bare Change of Clothes
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Air Date July 27, 2011
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Don't Look♥The Pandora's Bare Change of Clothes (見ちゃだめ♥パンドラ達の生着替え ; Romaji: Micha dame ♥ Pandora-tachi no Nama Kigae) is the fifth OVA in the Freezing anime.


The first, second, and third years take part in a cheerleading competition, but there is a Volt Texture system error. Yu-Mi Kim warns the others about the situation, but Sister Margaret frets that her secret will be revealed, which leaves Yu-Mi puzzled. While the Pandora are cheerleading, their clothes disappear and they fall on each other while the boys are cheering. Meanwhile, Yu-Mi, Elize Schmitz, and Sister Margaret are seen naked as Yu-Mi and Elize comment on Sister Margaret's naked body.



  • The very fact Margaret's clothes disappeared as well drastically suggests that she is also a Pandora; this was later proven true where it was revealed that she is a veteran Pandora who managed to destroy a Type-F Nova almost single-handedly.
  • Oddly, even though Sister Margaret's clothes are made from Volt Texture, her headdress doesn't disappear with it.
  • After the Volt Textures vanish; when Sister Margaret is shown, one can notice that in the background, all the military men are ogling her shamelessly while smiling.

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