Reaction to E-Pandora Project

Public Reaction to the growing Nova threat and the E-Pandora Project.

The E-Pandora Project Arc takes place in the Chevalier's Alaska Base. It prominently features the E-Pandora and the Project involving them.


With Pandora's forces dwindling and Nova Clashes becoming more frequent, the Chevalier agree to start a controversial experiment to turn ordinary human girls with zero compatibility rates with Stigmata into Pandora's. These girls would be called Evolutionary Pandora or E-Pandora for short. The project was headed by Dr. Scarlett Ohara and directly supervised by Chevalier Under-Secretary Marks Spencer.

Several prominent and high-ranking Pandora's from all over the planet were summoned to participate in the project. Among them were Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen.

Newly Introduced CharactersEdit







The Chevalier's DecisionEdit

In the Grand Canyon Headquarters of the Chevalier, the Head Committee of the Chevalier agree to initiate the E-Pandora Project. After the meeting, Dr. Gengo Aoi is interviewed about the project. He admits that although he is against the Project, they are left with no choice but to go with it since they can no longer wait for suitable Pandora candidates.

Gengo is bombarded with more questions from the press but he ignores them. He contemplates just how dire the current situation is and how much mankind has been pushed so much in desperation. He also thinks about Maria Lancelot. Worldwide, news of the Project becomes a source of controversy.

West GeneticsEdit

Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz discuss the new Project. Yu-Mi is outraged by it but Elize can see the reason behind.

Kazuya Aoi and Satellizer L. Bridget return from Bali. They are greeted by Rana. Rana notices how close Satellizer and Kazuya have gotten. In response, Rana tries to become closer to Kazuya. Her attempts to get closer with Kazuya go as far as interrupting his conversion with Kaho Hiiragi and taking his attention away from Arthur Crypton. She even offers to sleep with Kazuya. Kazuya can't bear it anymore and asks Rana why she's been doing all that. Rana answers that she just wants to even out the playing field between her and Satellizer. Kazuya assures her that he and Satellizer did not do any intimate things while in Bali. Taking Kazuya's words, Rana bids him goodbye and jumps out his window.

The next day, Sister Margaret informs that Chiffon Fairchild, Elizabeth Mably, Satellizer and Rana have been chosen to take part in the E-Pandora project and go to the Alaska Base. Yu-Mi is surprise to know that Satellizer has been selected. Elizabeth and her friends discuss why she has been called to go. Rana is excited to go.

The Alaska BaseEdit

Scarlett Ohara is talking with an assistant in the laboratory of the Alaska Base. Behind her are large cylindrical glass containers containing girls.

Kazuya, Satellizer and Rana arrive in the Alaska Base. Kazuya and Rana complain about the cold temperature. They are shocked to know that even in May the temperatures can reach the negatives. In the main auditorium of the Alaska Base, a party is being held for all the Pandora's and Limiters who have arrived. Kazuya, Satellizer and Rana meet up with Chiffon, Eugene, Elizabeth and André Françoise. On the podium, Scarlett introduces herself and welcomes all the attending Pandora's and Limiters. Scarlett gives them rather impressive speech which ends with her asking them their assistance in the Project. Scarlett is met with an applause from the Pandora's and Limiters. Scarlett leaves and the Pandora's and Limiters begin to enjoy the food present for them.

Kazuya overhears two girls talking about how his grandfather was against the project. Kazuya asks the girls if that's true. When asked about who he is, Rana proudly introduces him as Gengo's grandson. Roxanne Elipton, together with Shi-Jing Hong, then steps in and comments about how the entire Aoi Family is fighting the Nova. Chiffon immediately recognizes her. Roxanne apologizes to Chiffon for not keeping contact. The Immortal gives her respect to Kazuya. Kazuya notes that even though she is a World Rank Pandora, she is nice and doesn't have the expected frightening aura.

Chiffon introduces Roxanne to Elizabeth, André, Rana and Satellizer. Roxanne has heard of Satellizer and her title as "Untouchable Queen". She then grabs Satellizer's breasts and wonder if they are implants. Her actions clearly stun the group. Chiffon pulls Roxanne away and berate her on why she grabbed Satellizer's breasts, considering her near murderous reputation for harming anyone who touches her. Chiffon apologizes on behalf of her friend but contrary to what Chiffon expected, Satellizer does not lash out on Roxanne. Instead, she just mentions that she was surprised. This makes Chiffon and Elizabeth comically suspicious.  Roxanne reveals her opinions on human experimentation. The group then takes a look at the E-Pandora gathered in table.

Kazuya, Rana and Satellizer enter their room. But the room has only two beds. Satellizer and Rana argue about who has to leave and who gets to stay with Kazuya. Kazuya solves the dispute by volunteering to leave and find himself a new room. After he leaves, the tension between the two rivals heat up even more until Cassie Lockheart and Kyoichi Minase arrive. Kyoichi introduces himself and thanks Satellizer for saving Cassie's life. He offers her his life. Satellizer says that he doesn't need to take it to that extent. Cassie then asks if it is okay for him to offer his life to another girl. Kyoichi nervously tells her that she will always be number one. Rana marks that they're just showing off. 

Cassie asks the two where their Limiters are. Rana answers for herself and Satellizer when she tells them they don't have a Limiter. Rana tells them that Satellizer is too scared to perform a baptism. Cassie tells them that they should perform their baptism soon.

Cassie informs the two West Genetics Pandora's of the mock battle which will take place the next day to test the strength of an E-Pandora when compared to a real Pandora. Rana expressed the eagerness to help but Satellizer is doubtful of the project. The Godspeed of the East explains to them that the Chevalier intend to use the data gathered from the battle to improve the E-Pandora and put them to official use. The success of the Project would mean that everyone can become a Pandora thus ending the shortage.

Pandora Vs. E-PandoraEdit

Jina Beaten Up

The E-Pandora prove inferior to the natural Pandora.

Amelia vs. Elizabeth

Elizabeth Mably vs. Amelia Evans

The next day, the Pandora's gather to spectate on the mock battle. Scarlett, other scientists and Chevalier members are also present. Chiffon is excited to see the fight and Roxanne wants to see just how strong the E-Pandora are.

The first match is between Genetics UK's Anna Parker Vs. E-Pandora Rattle. Although Rattle is able to use Accel Turn, she is easily dispatched by Anna. Satellizer comments on how strong Anna is but is nothing compared to Holly. The second match is between Genetics Korea's Joan Ala vs. Jina Purpleton. Joan beats Jina within seconds of the match. Scarlett sees how weak the E-Pandora still are and calls off the fight. Joan apologizes for hurting Jina too much.

The last fight is between West Genetics' Elizabeth Mably Vs. Amelia Evans. The E-Pandora rest their hopes on Amelia to succeed. Elizabeth and Amelia talk. Amelia feels insulted that Elizabeth isn't taking her seriously. The two exchange insults. Amelia materializes her Volt Weapon. Amelia is infuriated that Elizabeth arrogantly thinks she can beat her without a Volt Weapon. Amelia attacks Elizabeth but the 2nd strongest Pandora of West Genetics catches it in her hand without effort. Elizabeth apologizes that she sounded arrogant to Amelia but at the same time, Elizabeth only wants to show the scientist accurate data about the power difference with the original Pandora and the E-Pandora. Elizabeth also advises Amelia not to get angry to easily. Amelia uses Double Accel. The Pandora spectators compliment her on that. However, it is of no use against Elizabeth. Elizabeth outmanoeuvres Amelia and lands a strong blow on the E-Pandora.

Amelia gets up, ready to continue to fight. Elizabeth sees the signs of corrosion on Amelia and asks for the fight to stop. But Scarlett wants the fight to go on until Amelia can't stand any more. Left with no choice, Elizabeth proceeds to land more powerful physical attacks on Amelia. Amelia is seemingly beaten until she stands up again, her subconscious pride motivating her to continue even though she has clearly lost consciousness. Amelia's friends rush to her side and she finally collapses. Elizabeth is left to wonder why Amelia would go so far for a simple mock battle. The Pandora's comment on how strong Elizabeth is even without a weapon and about how Chiffon reigns supreme over her.

The members of the Chevalier discuss matters involving the funding of the Project as well as gaining the public's support. With so much pressure being placed on them, Marks orders Scarlett to use the Mark IV in spite of the fatal side effects it will have on the recipient.

In the E-Pandora locker room, the E-Pandora's are taking their defeat badly. Jina expresses frustration and anger at how different the real Pandora's are compared to them whether it be their skills or their lives. Amelia says that although they became E-Pandora for different reasons, it was because of those reasons that they were able to meet each other. Amelia cheers them up and motivates them. In Scarlett's office, she vows to surpass those who were born with power even if it means being despised.

In the cafeteria, Elizabeth and André are left with no table and seat together with the E-Pandora's. Rattle asks her about her lip gloss. Elizabeth answers them it is the Limited Edition Mably Lip Gloss. Her answer confirms for the E-Pandora's her status as the daughter of the Mably Family. Elizabeth offers them an employee discount which has 30% off. Elizabeth offers Amelia the discount as well but Amelia turns her down, saying she's only showing off her money. But Elizabeth easily defends herself, saying that she is only showing good will to comrades and that Amelia has an inferiority complex. This draws the ire of the E-Pandora but before it can get any worse, other Pandora's (one notably Roxanne) come in and ask Elizabeth for Lip Gloss too. Scarlett and a scientist watch the scene in their office.

The Mark IVEdit

Everyone is gathered in the main auditorium once again. Scarlett announces Mission Synchro. Their plan is to synchronize the Stigmata of an E-Pandora with the Stigmata of a real Pandora so that the E-Pandora can experience the abilities of the real Pandora. By synchronizing their vital signs, the E-Pandora can absorb the skills in their bodies. However, in order to stabilize their vitals, the highly experimental Mark IV medicine will be used. E-Pandora are shocked while everyone else is wondering what the Mark IV is.

Later, Roxanne wonders why the Mission Synchro wasn't used earlier. Elizabeth talks about how putting Stigmata into a normal person can very straining and wonders if the bodies of the E-Pandora's can handle it now that their compatibility rates are being forcibly risen. Chiffon tells her that that where the Mark IV comes in. But it turns out, the Mark IV is what is concerning Elizabeth the most and finds it hard to believe that the medicine will help protect the E-Pandora's' bodies. Roxanne agrees. Charles and Julia enter the scene with Charles telling the "Zombie Woman" not to worry about it. Charles says that their job is to simply follow orders being given by the Chevalier. Roxanne and Charles exchange small insults.

Charles goes on to say that "We must think of the whole rather than the individual" and asks Chiffon if she agrees, saying "Don't you think so, Ms. Monster of Japan West?". In what appears to be a serious response from Chiffon turns out to be comical, saying "Why do you always call me a Monster? Am I that scary?". It only serves to make her fellow Pandora fall over.

Charles and Julia leave. Roxanne can't help but agree with Charles and they are fighting for the future of mankind. She remarks that they gave up their happiness as girls a long time ago and that they may considered sacrifices in the end.

Amelia visits Scarlett and asks if the Mark IV is safe. She is told that it is a revised version of the Mark III which was a complete failure. A fact which Amelia knows better than anyone since she volunteered to test the Mark III. Scarlett reassures her that the Mark IV is safer and more effective compared to the Mark III and has no side effects. But much to Scarlett's annoyance, Amelia continues to question her. Scarlett silences her and whether or not Amelia and the other E-Pandora's are scared of dying, they do not have the luxury having the "right to fear death" and that the project will go on regardless of what they think. But Scarlett gives Amelia comfort in that she won't allow any of the E-Pandora to die too easily. Amelia smiles and is eager to make their project a success.


Scarlett Fired

Gengo fires Scarlett from Lab 13.

Amelia leaves and Scarlett recalls the events involving the Mark III. Amelia nearly died from it and turned her red hair into white save from a single bang. 

Scarlett then has a flashback of her time working with Gengo. She is proud to reveal to him that she has mapped Maria Lancelot's genetic structure. However, instead of earning Gengo's praise, she is met with Gengo's ire and she is slapped hard on the face. Here it is revealed the difference in beliefs between Gengo and Scarlett. Scarlett believes that Maria is nothing more than a genetic mutation which should be controlled and used to mankind's advantage. Gengo, on the other hand, believes that Maria is a gift from the heavens and mankind is only burrowing her power. Gengo goes on to say that Scarlett being arrogant and is trying to take the power of God for herself and it is because of that arrogance that the Nova invade the Earth. Unwilling to listen to Gengo, Scarlett is fired. In her point of view, Scarlett does not believe she is wrong and considers Gengo's words as nothing more than hypocrisy. She visits the glass containers from earlier.

Jina PurpletonEdit

Gina Testing MARK IV

Jina begins testing the MARK IV drug

Jina Dying

MARK IV begins killing Jina.

Elizabeth attacks Jina

Elizabeth viciously attacks Jina.

Charles vs. Jina Climax

The climax of Charles and Jina's battle.

Jina's Funeral

The E-Pandora hold a funeral for Jina

Jina has volunteered to be the first E-Pandora to try out the Mark IV. Amelia is shocked and tries to convince Jina to rethink her decision. But Jina will have nothing of it and is determined to go through with it. She is tired of Amelia always trying to sacrifice her well-being for the sake of everyone else like she did when she volunteered for the Mark III which nearly killed her. Thanks to that sacrifice, the other E-Pandora did not have to go through with the Mark III. To survive their contract as E-Pandora and live a new life is one of the goals of the E-Pandora and Jina reminds Amelia of the little brother she has waiting for her to return home.

In Marks Spencer's office, Marks discusses with two scientist about the test involving Jina. Despite warnings from the scientists, Marks orders them to disregard Jina's health and safety. All they need is a glimpse of the power Jina can obtain and show it to the public to gain their support.

Jina is injected with the Mark IV and mentally challenges the unnamed Pandora chosen to synchronize with her to  show her the power she was born with. The E-Pandora are worried for Jina and Amelia is told by a fellow E-Pandora that the Chevalier have started recruiting more volunteers for the E-Pandora Project.

Footage of Jina fighting and being on par with a real Pandora is broadcasted to the public. Jina is shown to be able to fully materialize a Volt Weapon and her skills are above that of a regular human. Gengo and Su-Na watch the news. Su-Na has does not support the project and firmly believes that ordinary people can never become Pandora. Rattle and Amelia are excited over Jina's new power as an E-Pandora. While Rana, Satellizer and Kazuya are impressed, a few Pandora are skeptically about it and poke fun at the E-Pandora. Roxanne quickly scolds them and tells them "not to bully the Freshmen". Roxanne playfully slaps their butts and sends them off to train.

Marks is informed that Jina's demonstration has started to gain the public's support however Jina's vitals are dropping and her Stigmata is starting to become active and are eating into her human tissue. Marks orders to continue the experiment and keep Jina alive long enough to present two more demonstrations.

Jina is experiencing pain and convulsions. But in spite of that, Jina bears with it. She thanks Scarlett for allowing her to break free of her stupid life and is determined to make their project a success and show the world what they can do. This only serves to put a strain on Scarlett's conscience. After three days later, with Amelia and Rattle starting to wonder about Jina, the said E-Pandora has become delirious and her chances of survival have become zero. Jina undergoes Novafication and the euthanasia protocols fail. In her last moments of humanity, Jina desires to see her friends. An explosion occurs and gains the attention of several Pandora's and Limiters in the base. An infuriated Marks orders to send high-ranking Pandora's to subdue Jina while all others are put on stand-by. Marks then wonders if they still haven't fully understood Maria Lancelot's genetic map.

An alarm is sounded. Jina breaks through the wall of the E-Pandora's quarters. The E-Pandora's are shocked to see Jina in the state of Novafication.  Jina struggles to warn them about the Mark IV but Elizabeth comes in and attacks Jina. Amelia pleads for Elizabeth to let Jina speak but Jina attacks Elizabeth. Nova-fied Jina proves to be stronger and faster than the Nova Form Pandora's of the 10th Nova Clash. She is able to break through Elizabeth's shield and destroy one of her Stigmata Satellites. But the Stigmata Satellite re-integrates itself. Elizabeth retaliates and prepares to finish off Jina. But Amelia tells her to stop, distracting her long enough for Jina to land a blow on her back. André uses his Freezing but Jina breaks free from it. Jina prepares to strike Elizabeth but Amelia steps in and gets stab in the shoulder.

Amelia calms Jina and the Nova Form E-Pandora starts to regain her humanity. She is able to warn them that the Mark IV was a big lie. But before anything else could be said, Charles hits Jina thus forcing her to fight again. Charles displays her abilities and lands multiple hits on Jina. But Jina is still able to hold her off and even injure her. Charles is forced to materialize her Volt Weapons, Vibrato Hell. Citroen tries to help but André advises him that Freezing won't work. Charles uses her Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata attack but Jina is able to endure it. But when Charles uses her Tempest Turn Variant of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Jina goes down. In a last attempt to defeat Charles, Nova Form Jina fires a Particle Beam. Although the Particle Beam did hit Charles and even destroyed the ceiling above them, the French Pandora survives and kills Jina by impaling her head.

Roxanne and Chiffon arrive too late to help. Amelia screams and cries, horrified by the death of her friend. Rattle and another unnamed E-Pandora hold her back despite crying themselves. Amelia screams that they should have saved her. Elizabeth wonders if Charles had the means to do so.

The next day, the E-Pandora and Elizabeth are absent from the cafeteria. In their quarters, the E-Pandora's mourn Jina's death and our upset that the Chevalier won't even allow her parents to be informed of her death or give her a proper burial. Amelia has them give Jina a funeral. They make a funeral pyre. They burn Jina's body (which is inside a coffin) as well as her possessions, rationalizing that there would be no point in sending her things back to her family who threw her away. Amelia vows to never forgive Scarlett for throwing away Jina's life even though she knew there was a high chance she could die. They are then startled to see two lines of Pandora, making way for Scarlett.

Noble's ObligeEdit

Scarlett reprimands them that they had no permission to create an illegal fire on the base thus 'broke the rules'. But Amelia only wanted to mourn for Jina with the other E-Pandora. She accuses Scarlett as the one who broke the rules and is trying to erase Jina Purpleton's existence. But Scarlett retorts that they, the E-Pandora who have been cast aside by society, signed an honest and sincere contract with the government to take part in the Project knowing full well the possible risks which came with it. One of which is dying. Scarlett claims to have broken no rules and the E-Pandora's do not get to throw a temper tantrum about it.

But against Scarlett's order to stand down, Amelia continues to berate her and accuses her of simply covering up Jina's death which would have proven the E-Pandora Project as a failure. Jina trusted Scarlett but she let her die anyway. Her death was meaningless and the E-Pandora are just pawns for their convenience and disposal. Two Pandora's restrain Amelia and Scarlett slaps her. Scarlett yells at Amelia that Jina's death was a sacrifice for the sake of humanity. She is angry that Amelia thinks only the E-Pandora are being sacrifice and tells her that the original Pandora too have felt the pain of losing a friend and to sacrifice theirs lives comes with the role of being a Pandora. Scarlett turns around and walks away, saying "Those who open Pandora's box are fated to live the rest of their lives with death at their side". She orders Amelia and the E-Pandora leave and get ready for next experiment. 

Still defying Dr. Ohara, Amelia says "Do you think we'll just obey?". Scarlett replies "You don't have to worry. I will make you obey. That's all there is to it." Scarlett leaves and Amelia falls to her knees. Everyone else but Amelia leaves. In her office, Scarlett drops her mask of resolve and cries for Jina. 

Alone on the roof top, Amelia is visited by Elizabeth. Elizabeth gives her condolences for Jina's death. When asked if she will continue on with the experiments, the E-Pandora simply replies that they have no choice since they signed a contract. Amelia hopes that if the experiment does fail, her fellow E-Pandora who survive will get to live their lives. Amelia notes how different she is compared to Elizabeth. She asks a favor from the Pandora. If she dies from the experiment, she would like Elizabeth to visit her younger brother and give him comfort that his sister was able to fight along side a women like Elizabeth.

Amelia quickly takes back her favor, calling it presumptuous since they are not even friends. Though Elizabeth agrees with the fact that they aren't friends, she admits that she has come to truly respect Amelia.

Later while showering, Elizabeth ponders if it is truly worth sacrificing the E-Pandora's on experiments which will surely fail. In frustration, she hits the shower wall and concludes that the E-Pandora Project is nothing more than a political agenda. When Elizabeth tells Chiffon her concerns, the ever-smiling Pandora just says that she is just over thinking things and that nothing can be done about it. But Elizabeth disagrees. She asks Chiffon for her help and even goes on to admit that Chiffon is the strongest Pandora in the world. That in itself is surprising to Chiffon since Elizabeth was a proud girl who would not simply ask for help, let alone acknowledge Chiffon's power over hers. But the smiling Monster explains to Elizabeth that as Pandora, they are meant to serve the Chevalier and the government. To do their duty as Pandora's is what they should do, not question how the Chevalier operates and its politics. She advises Elizabeth to forget about her doubts otherwise she could end up being accused of treason.

Unknown to them, Satellizer overheard their conversation. Outside, the Untouchable Queen demands to know what Elizabeth suspects the Chevalier is up to. Although Satellizer was quite serious, Elizabeth urges her not get involve since she is just a junior. Elizabeth may bend her personal pride but she won't bend her pride as a senior. It is something Satellizer makes a note of after Elizabeth leaves.

In their meeting room, the other heads of the E-Pandora Project discuss their problems which involve their inability to hide any future failures, the growing distrust of the E-Pandora, the Pandora and some of the scientists, the risk of the E-Pandora rebelling. Marks then silences them. With the second generation recruits of the E-Pandora ready, Marks orders the elimination of the first generation E-Pandora.

Elizabeth tells André her intentions of exposing the truth of the E-Pandora Project in order to avoid the unnecessary sacrifice of the E-Pandora's. She has already 'leaked' some information to the Mably Family and has asked assistance from them. But André reminds her that her actions can be considered treason and with the power the Chevalier holds, it will not be easy to take them on. But Elizabeth is unwavering. Being taught Noblesse Oblige by her father which is to expose one's self to danger in order to protect those weaker, Elizabeth refuses to stand down.She gives André a chance to back out but André, being the loyal Limiter that he is, refuses.

In London, Christopher Mably is being pressured by his advisers not to go against the Chevalier, considering the Chevalier is the most powerful organization in the world and is responsible for uniting the the governments of the world to fight against the Nova. Christopher Mably does take that into consideration their warnings but he trusts his daughter's report and cannot also back down from his belief of Noblesse Oblige. So regardless of having no profitable benefit to the Mably company, Christopher decides to go against the Chevalier.

Enlisting the help of Senator Samuel Adams (a member of the Democrat Liberal Party) in Manhattan, US, the Mably Family can present their case. Christopher gives his thanks to Samuel. The Senator can help but acknowledge Elizabeth for her work.

Back in the Alaska Base, Scarlett faces the glass containers. She contemplates on how she is just using the entire E-Pandora Project as a cover and a distraction for her own unapproved Project.

Elizabeth is summoned to the office of Marks Spencer which is also occupied by four Chevalier Pandora. Marks questions as to why a splendid Pandora like Elizabeth would go against the Chevalier. Realizing that she has been exposed, Elizabeth answers him that what they are doing is wrong. Marks deems Elizabeth's actions as an act of treason and has her endure torture via electric chair for three days. Despite warnings from scientists about the possible damage it could cause to Elizabeth, Marks has them continue, remarking that Pandora's aren't so fragile.

Christopher is shocked after being informed that an investigation had already been done and there is nothing wrong with the E-Pandora Project. He is also informed that the Democrats did not do anything and Senator Samuel was forced to resign from supposedly personal matter.

André meets Chiffon and Eugene in the cafeteria. The two ask André about Elizabeth. They are told by André that Elizabeth was summoned by the Chevalier. But after three days, André demands to know where Elizabeth is. The Chevalier Pandora order him to stop otherwise, he will be subjected to disciplinary punishment. André would have certainly continue but Eugene stops him.

Elizabeth is returned to her room by two Chevalier Pandora. They inform André, Eugene and Chiffon that Elizabeth is under an additional three days' worth of house arrest. When André tries to tend to her, she slaps his hand away, shocking both André and Eugene and causing Chiffon's smile to drop. André tries desperately to get Elizabeth to act normal. Amelia is informed by her friend, another E-Pandora, that the Mably Family has become a source of controversy and is being accused of multiple crimes. André sees through the scandal and knows that everything being set against the Mably Family is the work of the Chevalier as retaliation for the Mably Family's attempt to go against them.

Mother and FatherEdit

In the L. Bridget Mansion, Olivia L. Bridget is offering tea to her husband, Howard. Howard asks about the children. Olivia answers that both Violet and Louis are doing fine but she does not have any clue to the status of Satellizer.

Satellizer, Rana and Kazuya are told by André of what Elizabeth intended to do and what the Chevalier have done to Elizabeth and the Mably Family. Amelia Evans overhears them from outside the door of Elizabeth's room. Chiffon tells André to calm down and not make such accusations without proof. This only brings out André's ire and he insults Chiffon for not helping Elizabeth despite her rank and power as a Pandora. But that only serves to make Eugene angry and he orders André to stand down. André falls to his knees in the thought that despite Elizabeth only wanted to do good and prevent any more sacrifices, no one came to assist her. 

In her room, Satellizer contemplates on everything that has happened and what André said. Rana tries her best to get a word from her but fails. Two Chevalier Pandora's enter their room and ask for Satellizer to come with them. They bring Satellizer to a room where she could have a private conversation with her Stepmother, Olivia. Satellizer immediately recognizes her mother's voice. Strangle enough, Olivia addresses Satellizer by her nickname of Satella while Satellizer addresses her as mother.

Olivia is mildly angered that the Chevalier won't allow a video feed. She admits that she has come to regret how she treat her and her mother all those years ago. She offers Satellizer to be the mother she needs and has come to accept Satellizer to be her daughter. Olivia asks if there is anything bothering her so that she can help. Satellizer recalls what happened to Elizabeth but not wanting to burden her mother, she answers that there is nothing bothering her. But Olivia proves to be persistent. Satellizer asks her to tell her father that he doesn't need to worry about her any more since she is no longer a 'crybaby'. Although something like that wouldn't be of any concern to Howard, Olivia promises to tell him.

Before they end their conversation, Olivia wants Satellizer to come home in order to spend time with the entire family. Howard is told by his secretary concerning the Mably Family's situation and the E-Pandora Project. She advises him to pull Satellizer out of the project to keep her safe. But Howard decides to continue just watching Satellizer until the time comes when she would need their help.

The E-Pandora's' DecisionEdit

E-Pandora's Cold Descision

The E-Pandora decide to fight the Chevalier.

Amelia and Rattle are eating with their friends when they hear the news that all of the E-Pandora will participate in the next experiment. It outrages Scarlett to find out that Marks has decided to do away with them all. But Marks reminds that Scarlett's job is to increase the survivability of the E-Pandora. Amelia visits Scarlett in her office and pleads to be the sole subject in the next experiment. But Scarlett has no choice but to refuse Amelia's offer. Amelia leaves feeling abandoned.

Amelia gathers all the E-Pandora to her room and reveals to them the Chevalier's true plan to eliminate them all together. Although all of them have prepared to lose their lives in the course of the Project, they will simply not accept to be tossed aside. They plan on letting the world know about their situation before they die and they will choose how they will live their final moments. All the E-Pandora's hug together, taking comfort in each other as they cry.


This arc is a direct prelude to the preceding E-Pandora Rebellion Arc.

Story ArcEdit

The E-Pandora Project Arc takes place between the Freezing Manga chapters 51-67 inclusive.

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  • The channel broadcasting Jina's fight with the Pandora is called GNN. Obviously, it is a parody of the real world channel CNN.
  • Jina's possessions included a baseball, a baseball glove and a picture of herself with Amelia and Rattle.
  • Samuel Adams is based off the real-life Samuel Adams, one of the founding Fathers of the United States.
  • Joan Ala, Anna Parker and Samuel Adams do not reappear in any following Arcs.

Differences in the AnimeEdit

Character ChangesEdit

  • Elizabeth, André, Chiffon and Eugene are appear earlier and join Satellizer, Rana and Kazuya in going to the Alaska Base.
  • Shi-Jing, Kyoichi, Yu-Mi, Elize and Samuel Adams were left-out of the Anime.
  • Howard and Olivia do not appear in this Arc. They appear in the anime's version of the Sibling's Arc.
  • Julia has a different personality. She is perverted and expressive and would often try and grope Cassie's breasts. Far from the cold and inexpressive version of herself in the manga.
  • Roxanne displayed some slight antagonism towards the E-Pandora on one occasion.
  • Jina had disdain for the real Pandora and a rather negative outlook on the world.
  • Cassie interacts more with her fellow World Ranking Pandora and Elizabeth.
  • Jina and Rattle are capable of Accel Turn.
  • Holly Rose is discussed by Elizabeth and Chiffon. Elizabeth mentions that she fought Holly in the World Carnival and even admits that Holly is stronger than her. The manga never made mention of this and Holly was never shown or mentioned in this Arc.
  • Su-Na implies to have children. She has none in truth.
  • The anime changes the color of Pandora's uniform from violet to pink. This was due to the Chevalier improving the Volt Texture to better suit the cold environment.

Setting ChangesEdit

  • The entire Alaska Base is situated inside a partially opened dome.
  • The Alaska Base is mentioned to have once been a civilian facility as indicated by the numerous swimming pools.
  • The Chevalier also has an Oil Depot near the base. This was never seen in the manga.
  • Scarlett's office and laboratory is entirely separate from the quarters of the participating Pandora.
  • Elizabeth's conversations concerning the E-Pandora Project mostly happened by the pool side.

Plot ChangesEdit

  • The appearance of the Maria Clones inside their glass containers is delayed.
  • The Chevalier's decision of the E-Pandora Project happened as a flashback.
  • Kazuya, Satellizer and Rana have a conversation in the Chinook Helicopter.
  • A fake Nova Clash is set up by O'Hara. This never happened in the manga.
    1. Scarlett uses a Type-S Nova Dummy to show the E-Pandora the skills of Satellizer and Rana. The Nova Dummy is made to seemingly target The Chevalier's Oil Depot. Satellizer, Rana and Kazuya are deployed from their Chinook to stop it.
    2. Elizabeth, André, Eugene and Chiffon meet Kazuya, Satellizer and Rana differently. The four arrive to help the trio in fighting the Dummy. In the manga, they met at the party held in the Alaskan Base.
    3. The fake Clash led to Eugene and Chiffon establishing their Ereinbar Set and Eugene using his Freezing in this Arc. Both cases happened the 11th Nova Clash of the manga.
  • Kazuya and the group ultimately reach the Alaska Base by boat.
  • Roxanne, Charles and Julia's Introductions are different, in the anime then in the manga.
  • When Roxanne is introduced to Satellizer and Rana by Chiffon, neither Shi-Jing and Kazuya are present. Subsequently, Roxanne does not comment about how the entire Aoi Family is fighting the Nova. Roxanne also does not grope Satellizer's breasts.
  • Julia and Charles appear earlier. They are also introduced by Chiffon during the party.
  • Cassie is reunited with Satellizer and Rana at the party. In the manga, Cassie is reunited with them in the former's' room.
  • The Pandora and E-Pandora are in their uniform when Dr. Scarlett gives her speech.
  • Satellizer overhears Amelia's words of comfort to Jina and Rattle.
  • When Elizabeth seats with the E-Pandora, André is absent. And rather than discuss about the Mably Lip Gloss, Elizabeth gives the E-Pandora words of encouragement that riles up everyone in the cafeteria.
  • Satellizer was the Pandora chosen to participate in Mission Synchro with Jina whereas it was an unnamed Pandora in the manga. The two even formed a sort of friendship from it and Jina's negative view of the world changes for the better.
  • After Gengo views Jina's performance and has his conversation with Su-Na, he gets a phone call from Howard who enlists his help.
  • Battling Nova Form Jina.
    1. Satellizer is present when Elizabeth fights her. André stops her from interfering.
    2. When Charles took over, Elizabeth gives silent comments about their fight and would later warn Charles of the particle beam Jina was about to fire.
    3. Amelia tries to physically stop Charles from killing Jina. Charles evades Jina's particle beam. She took it head-on in the manga.
    4. In addition to Roxanne and Chiffon arriving too late to help, Cassie, Julia, Rana and Kazuya are there as well.
  • When Scarlett scolds the E-Pandora for holding an unauthorized Funeral Pyre for Jina, she does not bring a squad of Pandora with her.
  • Scarlett does not having emotional breakdowns.
  • In Scarlett's flashback of her past with Gengo, the older doctor brings up the Tower of Babel and further implies that the Nova are some sort of punishment from God.
  • Satellizer and Kazuya leave the Alaska Base.
  • Satellizer tried to offer her help to Elizabeth and was rejected, she tried to force Elizabeth into letting her. The senior Pandora responded by shooting her junior's wrist and ankles. This would lead to their leaving of the Alaska Base and the anime's version of the Siblings Arc.
  • Consequently, any role they had afterwards was left-out such as being present when Elizabeth return from three days of torture, hearing the Mably Family's collapse from André and Satellizer's phone call from Olivia.
  • Rana is present when André goes looking for Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth went into a catatonic state after being tortured. In the manga, she temporarily developed the same fear of being touched like Satellizer.
  • André does not insult Chiffon thus Eugene never got angry at him.
  • Cassie and Julia visit a still recovering Elizabeth.
  • Marks orders for the Mark IV to be further tested on a few more E-Pandora. Rattle being particularly one of them. In the manga, he ordered for all of them to be disposed of.

Anime Only AdditionsEdit

  • Satellizer and Rana are working out. As they were about to finish, Jina and Rattle enter the gym. Jina acts antagonistic towards Rana. Rattle tries to calm her down. Satellizer ultimately leaves, dragging Rana behind her.
  • Roxanne is exercising with two unnamed friends in the snow. They have a conversation about the Photon Generator, the Nova and the Tower of Babel.

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