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East Genetics (イーストゼネティックス Isto Zenetikkusu), located near Tokyo, is one of two Genetics military academies operated by the Chevalier in Japan, which purpose is to train Pandora and Limiter soldiers to fight against the Novas. Every year, East Genetics holds a joint Anti-Nova training session with its other Japanese counterpart, West Genetics.

East Genetics was founded shortly before West Genetics' establishment in 2050. It was created with a focus on live combat.

Notable featuresEdit

  • The 10th Nova Clash took place on Yokohama Beach, which is located near East Genetics, it was the first display of the "Assimilation Technique" used by the Nova.

Former StudentsEdit



  • Levon Brooks (29th Generation) - Retired from East Genetics after being brutally beaten by Satellizer L. Bridget.

Current StudentsEdit

"Current Students" is a term used for cadets who are attending East Genetics at the year of 2065.

Second-year Limiters (29th Generation)Edit

Third-year Pandoras (28th Generation)Edit

Third-year Limiters (28th Generation)Edit

Fourth-year Pandoras (27th Generation)Edit

  • Milena Marius - Leader of one of East Genetics' 4th Year's Platoons


  • While in the manga, Milena Marius is a 4th year East Genetics' Pandora, in the anime, she is an East Genetics' teacher.
  • East Genetics' oldest attending Pandora is Milena Marius.

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