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Episode listEdit

Freezing - Season 1Edit

Season Episode Title Airdate Story arc Summary
Season 1 Episode 1 Untouchable Queen 2011-01-10 Introductory Arc

In a battle royale to determine the rankings of second-year Pandoras, Satellizer L. Bridget ("The Untouchable Queen") is the strongest-ranked Pandora. During class, physics teacher and training instructor Yu-Mi Kim talks about her experiences as a Pandora during the last battle against the Nova; which was ultimately won thanks to the sacrifice of her squad mate, Kazuha Aoi. Meanwhile Kazuha's brother, Kazuya, is transported to the West Genetics Academy by student president Chiffon Fairchild and given a run-down about the nature of Pandoras and Limiters. Kazuya arrives while Satellizer is in a battle against the second-ranked Pandora, Ganessa Roland; Kazuya mistakes Satellizer for his late sister and hugs her, provoking an embarrassing reaction from her and leaving her open to attack.

Title Notes: "Untouchable Queen" is the sobriquet for Satellizer L. Bridget
Episode 2 Pandora Mode 2011-01-17 Introductory Arc

Because of Kazuya's interference, Satellizer lost the battle against Ganessa who is now the number-one-ranked second-year Pandora. Kazuya wants to apologize to Satellizer, but Chiffon advises him against it due to Satellizer's aphephobia and her propensity toward attacking anyone who touches her. While they are talking, Satellizer arrives and Kazuya tries apologize to her. Despite Kazuya holding her arm, Satellizer does nothing but tell him to leave her alone. Just then, a gloating Ganessa arrives and insults Satellizer which starts a fight between the two despite Chiffon's warnings. When Satellizer manages to knock her down, Ganessa goes into Pandora Mode and proceeds to beat and torture Satellizer. Kazuya tries to stop the fight, but Ganessa slaps him away; which causes Satellizer to react and go into Pandora Mode as well, and she then defeats Ganessa. Yu-Mi and Medical Officer Elize Schmitz arrive to stop the fight, and they punish both girls with detention in the brig. After getting to know the headmistress Sister Margaret and his dorm neighbour Arthur Crypton (who turns out to be Ganessa's Limiter), Kazuya still wants to apologize properly to Satellizer despite Arthur's warnings. Meanwhile, a Pandora named Miyabi Kannazuki (known as "the Limiter Eater") takes an interest in Kazuya and wants to make him her newest Limiter.

Title Notes: "Pandora Mode" is a battle mode for Pandoras
Episode 3 Accelerating Turn 2011-01-24 Introductory Arc

After introducing himself to his class and having lunch with class representative Kaho Hiiragi, Kazuya spots Satellizer and decides to apologize to her properly. He finds her on the rooftop, and through their conversation he is glad to find that she is a shy and nice person. Both Arthur and Kaho are shocked to find that Kazuya can talk to her normally. Third-year Pandora Miyabi and her three Limiters arrive; Miyabi wants to make Kazuya her newest Limiter, but when he rejects her offer she threatens Kazuya. This prompts Satellizer to raise her weapon against Miyabi. As the two Pandoras fight, Miyabi uses Accelerating Turn to increase her speed; but she is surprised to learn that Satellizer can also use Accelerating Turn. After taking a strike to her face (which angers her), Miyabi orders her Limiters to freeze both Kazuya and Satellizer and beat them. As Miyabi and her Limiters humiliate and sexually harass Satellizer, Kazuya activates his Freezing powers to stop them. By the time Yu-Mi, Elize and Chiffon arrive to stop the fight, Satellizer has brutally beaten Miyabi and her Limiters; and she is about to deliver a deadly blow to Miyabi when Kazuya pleads with her to stop, which she does. As Yu-Mi and Elize learn the secrets of Kazuya's abilities, Chiffon warns him again to stay away from Satellizer because she is now the target of the other third-years who do not take lightly those who disrespect the Academy's hierarchy. At the same time, Attia Simmons informs Ingrid Bernstein of what just happened.

Title Notes: "Accelerating Turn" is the full phrase for Accel Turn, a battle technique employed by Pandoras
Episode 4 Tempest Turn 2011-01-31 3rd Year Punishment Arc

After spending a week in solitary confinement for her actions, Satellizer faces Ingrid who challenges her to a duel to punish her for going against the third-years; Ingrid tells her to get a Limiter in preparation for it. Upon hearing about the duel, Kazuya begs Satellizer to let him be her partner; but she refuses. Instead, Satellizer attacks Ingrid before their match; but Ingrid is well-prepared and gets the upper hand thanks to her Tempest Turn. When her Limiter Leo arrives, Ingrid gives Satellizer one more chance to get a Limiter from the nearby First-Year Men's Dorm; Kazuya volunteers despite being warned of the consequences of associating with Satellizer. Thanks to his powerful Freezing ability, Satellizer is able to knock down both Leo and Ingrid; but hell-bent on punishing Satellizer Ingrid refuses to give up and goes into Pandora Mode, leaving Kazuya confused as to why Ingrid takes hierarchy discipline so seriously. Ganessa reveals to Kazuya that a year ago during an outdoor training session Ingrid's best friend Marin died when she fought a Nova alone, and she believes Marin would have survived had the younger students not run away due to a lack of discipline in their ranks. Hearing this, Kazuya freezes Ingrid and tells her that he understands her pain just like he had when he lost his sister. He tells Ingrid her actions are tainting her late friend's memories, that Marin did not die in vain as she was actually sacrificing her life to protect the younger students. With Ganessa confirming it as well, Ingrid realizes this is not what Marin wanted; and she breaks down in tears at the truth.

Title Notes: "Tempest Turn" is a battle technique employed by Pandoras
Episode 5 She is Rana Linchen 2011-02-07 Rana Introductory Arc

Satellizer finally accepts Kazuya as her Limiter, as she does not feel uncomfortable when he touches her and he can do Freezing without performing a baptism. Arthur and Kaho are shocked by this development; and even more so when they learn Satellizer has invited Kazuya into her room tonight. Meanwhile, a new student from Tibet named Rana Linchen has arrived at West Genetics Academy. As Kazuya, Arthur and Kaho head to the girls' dormitory for Kazuya's room visit, they are confronted by the 3rd to 5th-ranked second-year Pandoras Audrey Duval, Trish McKenzie and Aika Takeuchi; all of whom lost to Satellizer at the battle royale and decide to take revenge on Kazuya after learning he is partnering with Satellizer. They also torture Arthur and Kaho for interfering. In anger Kazuya activates his Freezing powers but soon loses consciousness; Rana arrives just in time to rescue them and defeats the second-year Pandoras. Informed by Arthur of what just happened, Satellizer visits the hospitalized Kazuya. As she has a chat with Arthur and a hospitalized Kaho, Rana believes Kazuya is her chosen one (a Limiter); but Arthur and Kaho advise her not to pursue him as Kazuya is already Satellizer's chosen Limiter. Meanwhile Attia Simmons, Elizabeth Mably, and other third-years discuss these recent developments.

Title Notes: Rana Linchen is a major character in Freezing
Episode 6 Machination 2011-02-14 Rana Introductory Arc

Rana enrols in Satellizer's class, where she is shown to be a formidable fighter when she defeats Ganessa during a practice bout. Despite being warned, Rana makes her moves on Kazuya, hoping to make him her partner much to Satellizer's jealousy. Arthur and Kaho continue to warn Kazuya not to partner with Satellizer after telling him how she was held back a year and expelled from East Genetics for seriously injuring a Limiter who approached her. Later, Attia lies to Rana that Satellizer has not performed a baptism with Kazuya because she is only using him for his Freezing powers. Rana brings Satellizer to a training facility where they fight over who should be Kazuya's partner. After a brutal fight, Kazuya intervenes to try to clarify his relationship with Satellizer; but Attia Simmons (along with two other third-years, Rank 4 Arnett McMillan and Rank 5 Creo Brand) arrives and interrupts.

Title Notes: Machination
Episode 7 Sanction 2011-02-21 3rd Year Retaliation Arc

After Kazuya is knocked unconscious, Satellizer starts fighting against Arnett; while Rana, who seeks revenge for being deceived and used by Attia, goes against Creo. Arnett manages to use her Double Accel technique to take advantage of Satellizer, allowing her to slit Satellizer's neck while Rana is similarly overwhelmed by Creo's Tempest Turn. As Satellizer tries to remain conscious while the third-years argue over what to do with her, she recalls when she and her mother were brought into the L. Bridget household. Because her mother was her father's mistress, Satellizer was treated harshly by her younger half-brother Louis (who even sexually abused her), and she was forced to bear it for her mother's sake until her older half-sister Violet learned about it and stopped it. On her deathbed, Satellizer's mother apologized to Satellizer for what she had gone through and encouraged her to never lose to anyone. Remembering those words, Satellizer stands up and defeats Arnett with a Triple Accel technique; while Rana uses Creo's Tempest Turn together with her fighting style to defeat Creo. All four girls refuse to give up, but the fight is stopped when Chiffon and Ticy arrive and order the third-years to stand down after Chiffon quickly subdues Arnett. As Satellizer and Rana take Kazuya to the hospital, Chiffon meets Elizabeth at the swimming pool and tells her to stop targeting Satellizer as it is useless; and their peaceful days might be over soon.

Title Notes: Sanction
Episode 8 Pandora Queen 2011-02-28 Filler episode

The West Genetics Academy decides to hold a prom dance. Satellizer and Rana cross lightning-eyes over who Kazuya will go to the dance with; in the end he chooses Satellizer. Meanwhile Elizabeth decides to take Chiffon's advice and tells the third-years to stop targeting Satellizer; but Attia still wants to humiliate her. On the night of the prom Attia challenges Satellizer to compete in the Pandora Queen beauty contest; to which the latter agrees out of pride. Satellizer becomes nervous when she's about to go on stage, but Rana (who is also competing) encourages her to withstand it for the sake of her partner. Despite being shy on stage, her timidness appeases the crowd and she wins the crown. Angry about her loss, Attia arranges for Satellizer to wear a skimpy novelty outfit which becomes transparent under the spotlight; but Kazuya uses his Freezing ability to freeze the crowd and helps Satellizer escape from embarrassment.

Title Notes: "Pandora Queen" is a beauty pageant-like title at West Genetics.
Episode 9 Godspeed of the East 2011-03-07 10th Nova Clash Arc

Kazuya is invited to East Genetics Academy to meet their #1 ranked third-year Pandora Cassie Lockheart, who possesses Stigmata from his late sister Kazuha. Cassie declares she plans to retire after graduating to become a novelist despite her great potential as a Pandora. As Kazuya returns home, Sister Margaret reveals that Satellizer also possesses six of Kazuha's Stigmata but she showed little compatibility with them. Cassie reveals to her teacher Milena that the reason she doesn't want to join the Chevalier (the Pandora Elite) was because she was there when Satellizer attacked the playboy Limiter who had approached her when she was still a student at East Genetics; and Satellizer's resolve to never give up no matter how many times Cassie put her down made her realize how weak she was. Just then, East Genetics is attacked by a group of Type S Nova who exhibit abilities that have never been seen before, overwhelming the students and absorbing some of the Pandoras including Cassie and Milena. Meanwhile Satellizer overhears Kazuya talking with Arthur and Kaho, who raise the possibility that Kazuya only chose her because she reminded him of his sister.

Title Notes: "Godspeed of the East" is the sobriquet for Cassie Lockheart. The equivalent manga title is "Cassie Lockheart", for Chapter 26.
Episode 10 NOVA Form 2011-03-14 10th Nova Clash Arc

After West Genetics sends their fourth-year Pandoras to reinforce East Genetics, the West Genetics Academy is attacked as well and is soon surrounded by the Nova. With the fourth-years too far away to help them, Yu-Mi and Elize lead the remaining fourth-years and the Military to the front lines while the rest of West Genetics' Pandoras and Limiters are ordered to guard the Academy. However, the Nova soon release Nova Forms: Pandoras they had absorbed earlier at East Genetics who are now infected and under their control. Meanwhile, Satellizer is angry that Kazuya might see her only as a replacement for his sister; but before he can explain, both of them (along with Rana, Ganessa and Arthur) are called by Sister Margaret to defend the underground Ravensbourne Nucleotide facility which holds the body of Maria Lancelot (the first and mother of all Pandoras). As the Nova Forms attack the Academy, a small group of them led by Cassie and Milena manage to breach the underground facility. Sister Margaret realizes the Nova Forms' target is Maria's body and laments the fact that the same Stigmas that give a Pandora their power are also responsible for turning them into Nova Form.

Title Notes: "Nova Form" is a mode that Pandoras can enter. It is also the title of Chapter 29.
Episode 11 Ambush! Ravensbourne Nucleotide 2011-03-26 10th Nova Clash Arc

As the Nova Forms head towards the Ravensbourne Nucleotide lab, they are held back by Ingrid, Creo, Arnett, Attia and their Limiters. Cassie and Milena manage to evade them only to encounter Elizabeth and her Limiter Andre, who learns the Nova Forms' weak point is the Nova Stigma between their collarbones; destroying it will destroy the infection and release them from Nova control. However, before this information can be relayed Cassie breaks into the lower levels where Satellizer and the others are waiting on guard duty. After defeating Rana and Ganessa, Cassie goes after Satellizer (who refuses Kazuya's help) and they get into a fierce battle using all of their Tempest Turn and Accel techniques. As Cassie prepares to deliver a finishing blow to Satellizer, Kazuya summons up all of his Freezing abilities to stop her and tells Satellizer how important she is to him; which makes her realize how much Kazuya cares about being her partner. Cassie breaks free of Kazuya's Freezing and (temporarily restored to her normal self) begs Satellizer to stop her before her Nova Stigma takes control again. Meanwhile, Milena defeats Elizabeth and finally arrives at the facility where Maria's body is being held.

Title Notes: Ravensbourne Nucleotide is a location in West Genetics
Episode 12 Satellizer VS. Pandora 2011-04-07 10th Nova Clash Arc

Milena is stopped by Chiffon and Ticy from approaching Maria's body. Meanwhile, Cassie shoots an energy beam at Satellizer; but Ganessa sacrifices her life to shield her. Traumatized from Ganessa's apparent death (after declaring that she considers Satellizer her comrade), Satellizer goes berserk and turns into Nova Form where she brutally beats Cassie, cutting off both her arms and ripping off her infected Stigma. Thus freed from Nova control, Cassie again begs Satellizer to kill her; but Satellizer is stopped by Kazuya who manages to hold her back and calm her, which turns her back to normal. With Ganessa revealed to have survived and Milena defeated, the Pandoras believe it is over; but the last remaining Nova uses Milena's Stigma as a beacon to teleport into the Ravensbourne Nucleotide lab, forcing Satellizer, Rana, Ingrid, Creo, Arnett, Attia, Elizabeth, Chiffon and Ticy to fight it. The Nova uses Cassie's infected Stigma to infect Satellizer into a Nova Form, and uses her to cast a powerful Freezing to stop the Pandoras as it goes after Maria's body. Hearing her cries for help, Kazuya activates his Freezing on Satellizer; and thanks to Kazuha's spirit, she breaks free of the Nova's control and stops its Freezing. This finally allows the Pandoras to finish off the Nova. After recovering and returning to East Genetics, Cassie, influenced by both Kazuya and Satellizer's ideals, tells Milena that she decided to join the Chevalier after all and still be a novelist. And with her change of personality, the other Pandoras comment how much Satellizer has changed thanks to Kazuya. In the epilogue, Sister Margaret has a talk with a "Professor Aoi" about how the Stigmata are a double-edged sword; but he warns the fight with the Nova is far from over.

Title Notes: Satellizer is the main character of Freezing. Pandoras are a central focus of Freezing

Freezing Vibration (Season 2)Edit

Season Episode Title Airdate Story arc Summary
Season 2 Episode 1 Pandora Returns October 04, 2013

Satellizer, Kazuya and Rana are en-route to a Chevalier base in Alaska when they are called for help to defend an oil field from a Type-S Nova. As the three of them fight the Nova, their battle is watched by a female scientist. Together with Chiffon, Elizabeth and their Limiters, they destroy the Nova which they discover is a robot dummy; they realize the whole thing was set up to test their skills. Since the incident at West Genetics, the Nova are coming into our dimension at a shorter time interval; in response, the Chevalier have approved the E-Pandora Project led by Scarlett O'hara. This project aims to make young women who aren't genetically compatible with Stigmata into Pandoras; it proceeds despite opposition by others, including Professor Gengo Aoi (who is Kazuya's grandfather). At the Alaskan base where the world's top Pandoras have gathered, Chiffon introduces the others to Roxanne Elipton, Charles Bonaparte and Julia Munberk, the top Pandoras of Genetics America, France and Germany respectively. Together with Cassie and Chiffon, the five of them are the top five Pandoras of their generation. After the girls try on their new uniforms, Scarlett explains why she gathered the Pandoras: the plan is to collect data to help the E-Pandora Project. When Roxanne comments Scarlett may have performed human experiments before the E-Pandora Project was approved, she is angrily confronted by a trio of E-Pandoras.

Episode 2 Evolution Pandora October 11, 2013

Rana is to displeased when she discovers Satellizer and Kazuya will be sharing a room. Later a mock battle is held between the Genetics Pandoras and E-Pandoras to test their strengths. In the first two rounds, E-Pandoras Gina Papleton and Rattle are defeated. Amelia Evans, the strongest E-Pandora, battles Elizabeth in the third round. Despite being badly beaten by Elizabeth, Amelia refuses to give up even when it becomes clear her body cannot take any more punishment. It is only after Amelia is unconscious but still standing that the fight is called off by Scarlett. The E-Pandoras feel dejected after their defeat; but Amelia cheers up her comrades by telling them they will defeat the Genetics Pandoras, who they consider haughty elites due to their coming from rich families, while they themselves came from worse backgrounds. The next day at lunch, Amelia, Gina and Rattle are surprised to find Elizabeth having lunch with them. Elizabeth assures the E-Pandoras that they only lost because the Genetics Pandoras had longer training and experience than them; she and the other Genetics Pandoras will help them to become as strong as the Genetics Pandoras. Hearing this cheers up the E-Pandoras. Meanwhile, Secretary Marks Spencer orders Scarlett to administer the "Mark IV" drug to the E-Pandoras despite her opposition.

Episode 3 Mark IV October 18,2013

Scarlett reveals the Mark IV proposition to the E-Pandoras and Genetics Pandoras, explaining it to be a nano-machine infusion containing Genetics Pandora data to enhance the E-Pandoras' compatibility with their Stigmata. Afterwards, the Genetics Pandoras discuss the timing of this use of Mark IV and its viability. While Satellizer and Rana train competitively, Amelia meets with Scarlett to discuss her concerns about the use of Mark IV; Scarlett declares that due to the E-Pandoras' willing agreement to join the project they have no say in the matter, but she somewhat manages to allay Amelia's concerns. Back in training, Satellizer manages to prevent a confrontation between Rana and Gina over Rattle's eating habits. Amelia confronts Gina about volunteering for the Mark IV drug; but Gina rebukes her stating that in fairness it's her turn. Later, Gina thanks Satellizer and reveals that it's Satellizer's data she'll be using; she feels that will allow her to defeat Satellizer in their next practice match. During the administration of the drug, however, a problem arises; we flash forward to the match, wherein Gina appears to be holding her own as shown in a promotional video to the public. Spencer is briefed on Gina's increasingly unusual Stigmata activity; but he considers it to be expected and declares it necessary to continue (even the point of her becoming a living corpse) to maintain the public's support. At the administration lab, a helpless Gina is shown to be becoming a Nova and consciously aware of it. Desiring to see Amelia and Rattle again, Gina breaks free of the lab while Spencer orders the mobilization of selected Genetics Pandoras to stop her.

Episode 4 Mate October 25,2013

Satellizer departs as she remembers the match with Gina; while Gina in Nova Form engages Elizabeth. Barely conscious, Gina reveals to Amelia that the Mark IV is a sham; then Charles attacks Gina as well, ultimately killing her. Later, the other E-Pandoras hold a memorial service for Gina by burning her mementos. Scarlett interrupts the service ordering the others to stop the fire as she reveals the Mark IV experiments will continue whether the E-Pandoras choose to or not. Elizabeth visits Satellizer after being turned away by Dr. O'Hara while investigating and warns her to stay away. Outside the facility, Elizabeth consoles Amelia. Pursuing the matter, Elizabeth attempts to enlist the aid of Chiffon but is denied while being overheard by Satellizer. Curious about Elizabeth's methods, Satellizer attempts to forcibly assist and intervene; she is shot in the joints and disabled by Elizabeth, who then continues on her own.

Episode 5 Noblesse Oblige November 1,2013

As Kazuya accompanies Satellizer (who is confined to a wheelchair) to West Genetics for treatment, she has a change of plans and heads to Bali instead. Meanwhile Elizabeth (feeling it her "noblesse oblige" duty) sends information about the E-Pandora project to her family, hoping their influence will lead to an investigation into Chevalier's shady activities and save the E-Pandoras. However, Spencer and the Chevalier discover the leak and have Elizabeth tortured with electroshock as punishment. Three days later, Chiffon, Eugene, Andre and Rana are worried about Elizabeth's absence; but much to their shock, the Chevalier return a catatonic Elizabeth to them. At the same time, the Mably Conglomerate are hit with a series of scandals which ruins the company's reputation. Andre and Chiffon realize this was the work of the Chevalier in retaliation of Elizabeth's leak as she discovered the Mark IV experiment is incomplete and the Chevalier were trying to cover up the truth to the public. Amelia is saddened by what has happened to Elizabeth. Elsewhere, Satellizer reveals to Kazuya she came to Bali to ask her family for help to stop the E-Pandora project. Arriving at a resort owned by the L. Bridget family, Satellizer is reunited with her older sister Violet...but to her horror, her younger brother Louis is there as well.

Episode 6 Marionettes November 8,2013

Traumatized by seeing Louis, Satellizer shuts herself in her room; much to Kazuya's confusion. Later that night Louis visits Satellizer, revealing the Chevalier framed the Mably family and that their own family had suspicions about the E-Pandora project; hence why he and his Pandora Holly Rose didn't go to Alaska. Louis tells Satellizer he can ask his parents' help stopping the project if she becomes his toy once more. Satellizer tries to resist; but Louis hits her and makes her remember the humiliation and abuses he inflicted on her in the past, mentally breaking her. With Satellizer's will broken and her now being obedient, Louis is about to have his way with her; but suddenly he is put off by his sister saying she is his obedient servant. The next morning, Louis has a talk with Kazuya; Louis tells him he should quit being Satellizer's Limiter as he is not worthy, and he plans to have his sister quit being a Pandora. But to his anger, Kazuya rejects his threats and bribery; he declares the relationship between Satellizer and himself is none of Louis' business. After a talk with Violet, Kazuya heads to a temple where Satellizer is waiting. Louis appears before them, revealing he tricked them to going there; and he beats Kazuya and reveals what he did to Satellizer in the past, and declares she is his slave. However, Kazuya is not intimidated; he tells Louis that Satellizer is no longer the weak girl he knew but the strong Pandora he loves. Enraged, Louis orders Holly to cut off Kazuya's arm.

Episode 7 Spellbound November 15, 2013

Just as Holly tries to cut off Kazuya's arm, Satellizer deploys her Volt Weapon and saves Kazuya. Louis shocked by seeing this blackmails Satellizer to withdraw or he won't talk to Howard L. Bridget about the E-Pandora project; he then orders Holly to punish Satellizer. Holly attacks Satellizer again, and while fighting she tells Satellizer about her feelings for Louis and complains that Louis always chose Satellizer over Holly. Holly proceeds to use a Double-Accel without interval and switches to Triple-Accel with ease. During their fight, Louis again warns Satellizer to stop defending Kazuya and he freezes her via Ereinbar Set. But Satellizer continues to fight Holly and tells Louis that the only person she cares about is Kazuya; and she activates the renowned "Wings of Light" while Kazuya cancels Louis' Freezing effect. After the defeat of Holly, Louis is ashamed of his behaviour towards Satellizer and jumps into the sea; but Holly jumps with him and holds him in her hands, both plummeting towards the crashing waves below. After they are saved by Satellizer, Louis regains consciousness in a hospital; he finds Holly resting her head in his lap. Rana calls Kazuya and tells him to return ASAP. Holly thanks Satellizer before they board their plane.

Episode 8 Rebellion November 22,2013 Coming Soon


It'll Explode! Heart-Pounding Trouble ♥ FreezingEdit

Season Episode Title Airdate Summary
It'll Explode! Heart-Pounding Trouble♥Freezing
(Hajikechau! Dokidoki Toraburu♥Furījingu)
OVA 01 "I Want to Touch Her♥Satellizer, the Girl with Glasses"
(Sesshoshitai no♥Megane-musune Sateraizā)
2011-03-29 The featured second-year Pandoras Rana, Ganessa and Satella go on practice with their Limiters, Arthur and Kazuya. Satella has a cold, and her Volt Texture disappear with each sneeze. Rana then shows up and begins to molest Satellizer, but then she notices Kazuya aroused by Satellizer's nudity as is Arthur. Rana and Ganessa thinks she's trying to influence the boys, and strip off themselves, but the two end up catching her cold.
In this non-canon episode, it is revealed that Volt Texture are affected by colds, and they destabilize.
OVA 02 "Lots of Secrets♥The First Room Invitation"
(Himitsu ga Ippai♥Hatsu Heya-iri)
2011-04-27 The 3rd Year Pandoras go to a bathhouse, they bring along Satella and instruct her in what to do with the First Room Invitation, by molesting her. Elizabeth shows up and then they go about revealing their own First Room Invitation experiences, and how they all failed. Kazuya is also dragged into the bathing area, while Chiffon laughs at the irony that Elizabeth's failed as well.
OVA 03 "Someone's Going to See♥The Overly Extreme Physical"
(Mie Chau no♥Kageki Sugiru Shintai Sokutei)
2011-05-25 West Genetics is having a Pandora physical. All the Pandora students are toplessly examined. Rana measures their breast sizes by fondling them. Attia refuses to take part, until Chiffon measures her and Attia is saddened by the result, while the limiters listen in.
In this non-canon episode, it is implied that Chiffon has lesbian tendencies.
OVA 04 "The Genetics Swim Meet♥There Are Nip Slips, Too"
(Zenetikkusu Suiei Taikai♥Porori mo aru yo)
2011-06-22 West Genetics holds a swimming contest, featuring all the major second and third-year Pandoras, and Kazuya. It is monitored by Yu-Mi Kim, in a swimsuit. The girls try to defeat each other by stripping of each others' swimsuits. The winner is a Nova with "I Love The Sea" tattooed on it.
In this non-canon episode, it is revealed that Volt Texture does not work underwater.
OVA 05 "Don't Look♥The Pandoras Bare Change of Clothes"
(Micha dame♥Pandora-tachi no Nama Kigae)
2011-07-27 West Genetics is holding a cheer leading demonstration, featuring all the featured first, second and third-year Pandoras. However behind the scenes, there is a Volt Texture system error, resulting in a system shut down. It is revealed that all the competitors, Elize, Yu-Mi Kim, and headmistress Sister Margaret wear nothing but Volt Texture for clothing and underwear.
OVA 06 "Freezing Gone Wild♥Sighs-a-plenty for the Pandoras"
(Bōsō Furījingu♥O Ane-sama-tachi no Toiki ga Ichi-hai)
2011-08-23 Yu-Mi Kim arranges a lesson for the featured second and third-year Pandoras of West Genetics. It is for Pandoras to escape a Freezing zone without using Pandora Mode. The Limiter involved is Kazuya Aoi, so all the Pandoras also have to deal with the effects of the Ereinbar Set. The powerful effect causes Yu-Mi to climax and collapse onto the field, while the students also are showing the effects of the treatment. To escape the Freezing Effect, they strip Satellizer, causing Kazuya to faint.

Season 2 OVAsEdit

Season Episode Title Airdate Summary
OVA 1 2013-12-25 Satellizer L. Bridget is seen being forced to take part in an experiment that will grant the E-Pandora the original Pandora's power. Amelia asks Satellizer what the original Pandora's power is and what makes them better than the E-Pandoras and tells her that she will be used for this experiment. Amelia gropes Satellizer's naked body and demands she tell her. Satellizer begins to struggle during this, she asks how her moans make her stigmata connection better. Gina Papleton then gropes Satellizer. Satellizer attempts to resist, but is unable to. As she continues to struggle, Gina explains how the louder she moans will increase her body data connection with a device that Scarlett Ohara created. Rattle rubs Satellizer breast and the girls point out how the body data rapidly increases and the machine she is linked to is able to monitor the state of her body and her five senses. The Synapse Linkage System engages as Amelia continues to grope her whilst explaining that the machine will help them find out the Pandora's secret. Amelia then reaches down and strokes Satellizer's clitoris, which triggers her Ereinbar-Set. Amelia is amazed by the power and then points out if they can resist their arousal that they will get the Pandora's original power. Gina and Rattle start to masturbate while Amelia continues to finger Satellizer, who begins to moan pleasurably, causing her condition to increase drastically. Satellizer is at this point highly aroused and begins violently thrashing about, but Amelia still fingers Satellizer as her moans grow even louder. Amelia finally realizes the power of the original Pandora. Satellizer finally begs Amelia to stop, but Amelia continues and Satellizer's body condition increases even further. Eventually Amelia is unable to withstand her unstable power and she along with Gina and Rattle thrown against the wall. Amelia says she has lost, puzzling Satellizer. Kazuya Aoi then comes in and calls out for Satellizer in tears.
OVA 2 2014-1-25 Charles Bonaparte is given an experimental drug named MK. 40 which will enlarge her breast. Charles then meets her fellow Pandora, Roxanne Elipton, Rana Linchen, Chiffon Fairchild, Satellizer L. Bridget, and Elizabeth Mably. They are all in awe and amazement and wanted to know how Charles did it. Charles shows them the device, and each of the Pandora uses it, wrongly. Scarlett Ohara then comes in saying they needed to read the instructions first, but was too late as the Pandoras were on the floor seeming very satisfied with the way they had used it
OVA 3 2014-2-25 Julia Munberk finds out that Cassie likes novels and decides to write one in hopes of having a very close relationship with Cassie. Her story is very similar to Cinderella, but has a sexual twist to the story, Cinderella, Cassie, wants to go to the ball but is instead groped multiple times by her evil sisters, Charles Bonaparte, boobs, and Roxanne Elipton, butt. She is then visited by her fairy god mother, Julia who helps her get to the ball by striping her naked and helping her "clean" her body, before she can go to the ball.

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