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"Some pairs are really sensitive to it, but for most people it's just like hugging.

Marin Maxwell to Ingrid in "Freezing Pair Love Stories Chapter 8"

An Ereinbar Set (イレインバーセット, Ireinbā Setto) is a unique power that connects and synchronizes a Pandora's five senses with those of her Limiter. With an Ereinbar Set, the Limiter is able to use "Freezing".

Arnett Mcmillian, Ganessa Roland, Morrison Abebe and Arthur Clipton, performing an Ereinbar set


Ereinbar Set is achieved through a ceremony called "Baptism". When a Pandora performs the Baptism ceremony with her Limiter, she shares one of her Stigmata with him, ultimately creating a conscious link between the two. When the Baptism ceremony is completed, the Limiter will be able to use his Freezing ability when he and his Pandora activate the Ereinbar Set modus.

An Ereinbar Set is required for a Limiter to perform Freezing. Kazuya Aoi is the sole exception to the this rule.

Gengo Aoi notes that the Ereinbar Set is "carved into the Pandora's neurons" and that it will drive them towards the person with the strongest Stigmatic Body. Furthermore, Gengo notes that it is impossible for a Pandora to resist the desire to be close to the individual possessing a Stigmatic Body. This was later shown to be correct by Kazuya's brief link with Elizabeth and Arnett during the 13th Nova Clash.


Kazuya Aoi's Ereinbar Set[]

In the anime, Kazuya has been shown to establish a strong Ereinbar Set, as shown during the 10th Nova Clash in the Ravensbourne Nucleotide when he unfroze all the Pandoras and created a temporary link with them. His Ereinbar Set is so strong that, in one of the OVAs, it caused the Pandoras affected (the one most affected being Yu-Mi Kim) to experience orgasmic effects.

In the manga, Kazuya is able to establish an Ereinbar Set with a group of Rounders during the Exit Revenant when he was sent to the Elca dimension world.