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Eroizing (エロいジング‎) was originally published in Cross Make 2008. Eroizing was subsequently republished in the Freezing Giant Issue. It was originally credited as being written by Moonzero and drawn by Milkcow, when republished, its credits were updated to written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Lee Soo Hyun. It is a hentai story created by the originator of Freezing. It is a non-canon official story set in the Freezing universe; originally as a doujinshi story, later as an omake gaiden chapter of the manga. It is part of the Lim Dall Young World.


Kazuya goes to Satellizer's room and tries to convince her to baptize with him. She refuses, saying that the Ereinbar Set is too intimate for her. So he tries to give her a "special lesson" in intimacy. After a refused kiss, he uses his Freezing to freeze her down, while he molests her. He says that he'll not rape her, since if she requests, he'll only molest her breasts. She assents to the later. After the night ends, he asks her for a baptism again, but she refuses, saying she needs more "special lessons" before she can consent to a baptism.


This story takes place after Kazuya first requests to become Satellizer's Limiter, and before Rana shows up. It shows how Kazuya can use Freezing without being bonded. It also shows how Satellizer is against baptism, and afraid of the intimacy that results from the Ereinbar Set, so Kazuya tries to remedy that with sexual interaction, however at the end of the story, Satellizer is not satisfied with the amount of special teaching.

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