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Faylan Generator (飛蘭ジェネレータ Hi ran Jenerēta) is an external power source upon which the Valkyries' power thrives. The Faylan Generator is created, and is still undergoing development under Seiga Heavy Industries.



The Faylan Generators, as they appear in the manga.

By normal means the main power source which the Valkyries use is the renowned I.S. System, however, being in its current developmental stage it doesn't offer sustained/effective energy for the Valkyries to use in actual combat. In order to topple this inefficiency, Seiga Industries came up with an external solution; aptly named: "the Faylan Generator". The Faylan Generator, as its name imply's, is a generator which creates a power source, which is effectively 5 times stronger than the I.S. System's', and directs it to the Valkyries' suits, for them to use in combat against the Nova's.

It must be noted that, even though the Faylan Generators' power output is 5 times stronger the the typical I.S. System's', it is still a grand, and most importantly of all, immobile generator. Due to its major inability to move, its effective operational range is severely limited to a 2 Kilometer radius. Making effective use in combat scenario's highly unlikely (as stated by Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz). The closer the Valkyries are to the generator, the closer they get to be inside the generator's' "High-Performance Mode" range. While inside this "operational circle" the Valkyries can use their techniques and equipment to their fullest capacity, but as mentioned before, the generator's' inability to move and limited operational range, its highly unlikely that it will prove useful when the Valkyries are engaged in combat.

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