Kazuya and Satellizer 3

Satellizer and Kazuya as they do the First Room Invitation

The First Room Invitation is a special ceremony in which a Pandora invites her Limiter partner to her room for the first time, at which time they may perform a Baptism.


The First Room Invitation probably originated at the moment when the first Limiters were introduced to fight alongside the already-present Pandoras. Due to the new partnership option it must have evolved as a natural function of the necessarily intimate human relationships between the Pandoras and their Limiters.



  • Due to the grand controversy of Pandora wearing revealing clothes at the time to preform the Baptism, many people believe it to be a sexual act, this so they could explain the sexual attractive clothes. However since an actual Baptism ceremony has yet to be witnessed, this can only be brushed off as speculation.
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