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Freezing Pair Love Stories cover

Volume 1 cover

Freezing Pair Love Stories (フリージング ペアラブストーリーズ) is a Freezing spin-off series written by Lim Dall Young, illustrated by Kim So Hee, and published by Comic Valkyrie. It focuses on how the Pandoras in the series met their Limiters. It began serialisation in the April 2013 issue of Comic Valkyrie and has since concluded, with a total of twelve chapters overall.


Volume Chapters Title Publication date ISBN Summary
FreezingPLS vol1Full Chapters 1-4 Volume 1 2013 (KTC) ISBN 978-4799204559

Features: Ganessa Roland and Arthur Crypton,
Creo Brand and Gorō Itsuki,
Yumi Kim and Elize Schmitz,
Ticy Phenyl and Abel Rotomaster

The cover features Ganessa Roland with Creo Brand.

FreezingPLS vol2 Chapters 5-8 Volume 2 2013-11-01 ISBN 978-4799205105 Features: Arnett McMillan and Abebe Morrison I & II,
Attia Simmons & Mark Anthony
Ingrid Bernstein and Leo Bernard

The cover features Ingrid Bernstein with Attia Simmons.

FreezingPLS vol3 Chapters 9-12 Volume 3 2014 (KTC) ISBN 978-4799205655 Features:Holly Rose
& Louis L. Bridget I & II
Miyabi Kannaduki & Limiters
Roxanne Elipton and Shi-Jing Hong

The cover features Roxanne Elipton, Holly Rose, and Miyabi Kannazuki.

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