Freezing: Zero (フリージング ZERO) is a spin-off of Freezing. The story was written by Lim Dall Young (林達永), drawn by Jeong Soo Cheol (鄭洙哲), produced by Artlim Media, published by Comic Valkyrie, into Japanese. The story explores and expands the backgrounds of several characters and events that take place prior to the main series.

The first arc of the series centers around Kazuha Aoi's second year at West Genetics and Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz's third year at West Genetics as part of the elite Numbers Unit.

The first chapter of the manga made it's début in Comic Valkyrie volume 37, the 2012 May issue, which was published on 2011-03-27. The series ran for 38 chapters, ending with the final chapter's release in Comic Valkyrie Web Version 38, which was released on 2015-05-04.

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