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Freezing - Giant Issue (フリージング特大号 ; Furījingu Tokudai-gō) was a special omake gaiden edition of Freezing. It featured gaiden chapters of the manga and character profiles for the anime.

The Giant Issue (特大号) special issue (号増刊) of Freezing (フリージング) was published by KTC, under their Valkyrie Comics (コミックヴァルキリー) imprint, on 2011-02-25, for the month of March (3月), as the Comic Valkyrie 2011 Spring issue.



Satoshi Urushihara's poster


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Included in the packaged issue:

  • Omake gaiden manga issue
  • large poster of Satella by pin-up artist Urushihara Satoshi
  • large 2011 sexy calendar of Pandoras in pin-up poses



Table of Contents

Included in the gaiden omake issue:

  1. アニメ化緊急発刊決定!! (Anime-ka kinkyū hakkan kettei!!)
    TV show databook
  2. ルールを作りし者 — アーネットVSエリザベス! 3年生パンドラ達の過去のお話! (Rūru o tsukurishi mono — Ānetto VS Erizabesu! 3-Nensei Pandora-tachi no kako no ohanashi!)
    Elizabeth v Arnett; a battle before they were 3rd years
    written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Kim Kwang Hyun
  3. 追試を乗り越えて!— サテライザーVSラバ バトルで対決じゃなくてお勉強で対決!? (Tsuishi o norikoete! — Sateraizā VS Raba - Batoru de taiketsu janakute o benkyō de taiketsu!?)
    Satellizer v Rana; a battle of studiousness
    written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Lee Hae Won
  4. パンドラ3人クッキング — サテライザーVS2年生序列3~5位!バトルでダメなら料理で対決よ! (Pandora 3-nin kukkingu — Sateraizā VS 2-nensei joretsu 3 ~ 5-i! Batoru de damenara ryōri de taiketsu yo!)
    Satellizer in a cooking challenge, versus two 2nd year students from Class 3-5
    written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Lee Hae Won
  5. エロいジング (Eroizing)
    The first Eroizing story. This was originally published in Cross Make 2008.
    written by Lim Dall Young and drawn by Lee Soo Hyun (Unbalance X2's artist).
  6. 林達永×金光鉉 ぶっちゃけ本音インタビュー! (Bukkake hon'ne intabyū!)
    Interview of Lim Dall Young and Kim Kwang Hyun by かーず (Kahzu)

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