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Freezing Gone Wild♥Sighs-a-plenty for the Pandoras
Air Date August 24, 2011
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Don't Look♥The Pandora's Bare Change of Clothes

Freezing Gone Wild♥Sighs-a-plenty for the Pandoras (暴走フリージング♥お姉さまたちの吐息が一杯 ; Romaji: Bōsō Furījingu♥O Ane-sama-tachi no Toiki ga Ichi-hai) is the sixth and final OVA in the Freezing anime.


Yu-Mi Kim teaches a bunch of second and third year Pandora's how to escape a Freezing area without Pandora Mode. Kazuya Aoi is the Limiter casting it, to which the Pandora are affected by it but they struggle to deal with the effects. The effects are immensely pleasurable, making all the Pandora blush, pant, moan, their nipples becoming erect and falling to their knees clutching their private areas (especially Yu-Mi Kim, despite her claims of being 'experienced'). Despite being dazed and helpless under the strong arousing effects, the Pandora surround Satellizer and strip her, causing Kazuya to faint and break the Freezing. Yu-Mi praises them for their effort, just before she gives one last pleasured cry. Attia Simmons, Chiffon Fairchild and Ganessa Roland comfort Satellizer as Kazuya is still passed out.



  • This is the last episode of the 1st season from the anime OVA series.
  • Judging from the blushing faces and moanings of all the Pandora's while affected by the Freezing, it had an arousing effect, to which Yu-Mi Kim responded the most.

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