Freezing Magazine (フリージングマガジン or もっと過激に♥フリージングマガジン) is an omake magazine insert in the packaged volumes of the Freezing television discs (DVD & BD). It features an omake gaiden manga chapter that is non-canon to the anime and the manga. It also contains artwork. The omake gaiden chapters were written by Lim Dall Young (Freezing's manga writer) and drawn by Kim Kwang Hyun (Freezing's manga artist); and are official non-canon chapters.

Freezing Magazine volumesEdit

Volume Title Sexy Dynamite Bomber!
Publication date Notes
01 サテライザーだって乙女だもん 2011-03-30
02 一線を超えてしまう夜 2011-04-27
03 カズヤはワタシのものであります! 2011-05-25
04 エリザベスの休日 2011-06-22
05 シャキッとしなさい! 2011-07-27
06 絶対小説家になってやる 2011-08-24
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