The following lists all major events in the Freezing (universe) in chronological order.


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  • 4th Nova Clash.
  • Maria Lancelot "dies" in the battle against the Nova.



May Edit



  • Lab 13 continues efforts into developing the Pandora Project, led by Gengo Aoi.[4]
  • The Legendary Pandora continue their training.[4]
  • Chiffon escapes the lab and befriends Aureriel Fairchild; Aureriel is killed shortly after by Chevalier hit-squad, Lucy brings Chiffon back to Lab 13.[5]
  • Ryuuichi Aoi is born.[4]




  • 5th Nova Clash takes place; 1st Generation Pandora are deployed as soldiers for the first time.


  • Kazuha Aoi, granddaughter of Gengo is born. However, complications due to her Stigma Body force Gengo to aid in the delivery.



  • August 23rd: First Lieutenant Margaret Lindman, a veteran of the 5th Nova Clash is stationed in America to train Chevalier troops.[6]
  • A working prototype of Pandora Mode is developed and Lindman is one of the selected few to test it.[6]
  • The 6th Nova Clash occurs in America.[7]
  • Margaret Lindman is wounded in action and unable to continue active service, resolving to become an instructor instead.[8]


  • Rana Linchen, a Type-Maria Pandora, is born around this time.




  • Ryuuichi Aoi lives in Hokkaido with his wife and daughter.[9]
  • Gengo Aoi attempts to initiate the Arcadia Project, but his son rejects the plan.
  • Cassandra Aoi is awakened and comes to live with Ryuuichi's family.[10]
  • Orie becomes pregnant but suffers complications, worse than with Kazuha, necessitating the transference of the child to Cassandra.[11]



  • April 3rdKazuya is born.[12]
  • West Genetics is established shortly after the creation of East Genetics; Maria Lancelot's "corpse" is entombed in the Ravensbourne Nucleotide under the academy.[12]
  • Orie attempts to kill Kazuya, but she is stopped and killed by Kazuha.[13]
  • Gengo develops miniaturized version of the Legendary Stigmata and implants them into Kazuha.[14]
  • Ryuuichi rapes Cassandra, resulting in a pregnancy, and commits suicide.[15]
  • Kazuha begins taking care of Kazuya.
  • Ouka Tenjouin is born at some point this year.


2051 Edit

  • Arcadia Aoi is born around this time.



  • 7th Nova Clash takes place[3].
  • Limiters, Gengo Aoi's newest weapon, are deployed in battled for the first time.[3]
  • Kazuha is enrolled into the Pandora Project.[3]
  • Scarlett Ohara is fired from Lab 13 for unauthorized tampering and mapping of Maria Lancelot's genetic map around this time.


  • Second-year Pandora Yu-Mi Kim and Elize Schmitz are rivals for the top position at West Genetics. The two eventually reconcile their differences and become best friends.


  • Gengo uses his influence to have Kazuha placed into West Genetics as a second-year[16].
  • Kazuha joins the elite Numbers group, consisting of now third-years Yu-Mi, Elize, and Shion Nayfield. The group eventually becomes close after a rocky start[17].


  • 8th Nova Clash takes place in Alaska; Kazuha is killed in action.
  • First appearance of the Type-S class of Nova.



  • Arnett McMillan decides to become a Pandora[18].
  • High End Skills, techniques developed by Kazuha before her death, are taught to third-year Panodra at all Genetics academies.
  • Su-Na Lee is the top third-year Pandora of West Genetics and one of the strongest Pandora in all Genetics.
  • Su-Na becomes Gengo Aoi's bodyguard and the two develop a close relationship.



  • 28th Generation freshman class adapts to life at the academy.
  • Freshman Elizabeth Mably finishes 1st in the Spring carnival, followed closely by Arnett McMillan and Miyabi Kannazuki in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.
  • Gengo has Chiffon Aoi enrolled into West Genetics, keeping her true identity a secret under the alias "Chiffon Fairchild".
  • The events of Freezing: First Chronicles takes place; Chiffon's reputation as West Genetics' Smiling Monster is established during the Summer Carnival[19].
  • The Heroic Stigmata Transplant Project is officially approved by the Chevalier. Gengo threatens to remove himself from the stigmata project over the U.S. requesting a independent investigation over the heroic stigmata[20].
  • In opposition, Gengo Aoi begins gathering members of his secretly developed Valkyrie Project, aided by his second-in-command Su-Na Lee.
  • Lucy Aoi joins the Valkyries under the code-name "Lucy Renault."




  • Junior Carnival occurs, Satellizer is defeated by Ganessa Roland due to Kazuya's interference.[22]


  • May 30th: As a result of heavy casualties sustained during the 10th Clash, the Chevalier green lights the E-Pandora Project.


  • June 8th: Various high-ranking Genetics Pandora are ordered to report to the E-Pandora Alaskan facility[26].
  • Development of the E-Pandora Project commences
  • The Mark IV is developed; Director Marks Spencer releases footage of E-Pandora Jina Purpleton demonstrating strength on par with mainstream Pandora.
  • The Mark IV is revealed to be a failure, and Charles Bonaparte kills Jina when she regresses into Nova Form as a side effect of the drug.
  • The Chevalier scandalize the Mably Corporation when Elizabeth Mably reports the unethical actions of the E-Pandora Project.
  • The E-Pandora rebel against the Chevalier, joined by Satellizer, Rana, Kazuya, Elizabeth, Andre, Cassie and Kyoichi.
  • First appearance of new Pandora Mode; equipped to world-ranked Pandora for combat testing.
  • Howard L. Bridget and Gengo Aoi bypass Chevalier authority and dispatch a Pandoran team to investigate the Alaska facility; Gengo personally leads investigation, accompanied by First Lieutenant Su-Na Lee.
  • Amelia Evans discovers that the E-Pandora is a cover-up by Scarlett for the Maria Project. She transforms into a Nova due to erosion of her Stigmata and contact with Type-Maria clones.
  • 11th Nova Clash occurs; Chiffon Aoi is killed in action while ending the clash.
  • Radox Phantomheim resigns as Commander-in-Chief of the Chevalier; he is succeeded by Alfred Hughes.
  • Chevalier is forced to publicly admit to the failure of the E-Pandora Project; Marks Spencer and Scarlett Ohara held responsible for project's failure.


  • Gengo is authorized to activate the Valkyrie Project at West Genetics[27].
  • Platoon 13 is established at West Genetics under First Lieutenant Su-Na Lee's command[28].
  • Introduction of Plasma Weapons and Textures as well as the Faylan Technology.
  • Joint-training exercise is held at West Genetics to test the efficiency of Platoon 13; goes awry due to the tampering of Seiga Heavy Industries.
  • The 12th Nova Clash occurs at West Genetics; first large scale invasion of over 500 Nova; first appearance of Pandora-Type and Humanoid-Type Nova.
  • Satellizer, Rana, Ticy, and Roxanne achieve Transcendence.
  • Gengo has Su-Na awaken Legendary Pandora to defeat invading army. 
  • Aftermath of clash; Chevalier outraged by new technology kept secret by Gengo. 
  • Gengo initiates a civil war to create a new anti-Nova organization, aided by Su-Na, Scarlett, and Seiga Heavy Industries; he isolates all survivors of the 12th Nova Clash and begins to assemble resources and talented individuals to his base.
  • Amelia Evans comes to Gengo's military base as Scarlett's bodyguard.
  • Rogue members of the Chevalier enlist Radox to assassinate Gengo.
  • Radox gathers assassins, code-named Busters, and outfits them with experimental and dangerous Plasma Stigmata to counter Gengo's military forces.
  • Scarlett and Atsuko mint the Legendary Stigmata.
  • Operation Cat Killer commences; Busters make landfall and attack Gengo's headquarters.
  • The Valkyries are outfitted with Plasma Form upgrades.
  • The Busters activate Anti-Freezing for the first time, and they regress the Legendary Pandora, except Lucy, into Pandora-Type Nova.
  • Buster Petty Layner is killed by teammate Isuzu Sawatari.
  • Five Pandora-Type Nova appear at Gengo's base, initiating the 13th Nova Clash.
  • Sawatari ambushes Gengo, but is defeated and captured by Su-Na, aided by Scarlett and Amelia Evans[29].
  • Introduction of the Legendary Stigmata System, revealed to be a near perfect replica of Maria Lancelot's Stigmata; Su-Na Lee is the sole Pandora outfitted with the new system. 
  • Isabella Lucas flees from Gengo's base.
  • Kazuya's Freezing releases Cassandra from the Nova's control; Cassandra fights the Nova and is nearly killed. 
  • Rana Linchen's unauthorized use of Plasma Form upgrade results in mental corruption by Nova.
  • Gengo and his companions depart for West Genetics[30]; They make landfall without incident and prepare to awaken Gengo's trump card[31].
  • Kazuya Aoi induces Transcendence in Arnett McMillan and Elizabeth Mably[32].
  • Previously unobserved ability allows Kazuya to boost and control nearby Pandora[32]; under his direction, Pandora-Type Nova are destroyed[31].
  • The berserk Rana Linchen overpowers the rogue Legendary Pandora before Kazuya intervenes.
  • Arcadia Aoi awakens and exits her stasis chamber on her own accord.
  • Rana Linchen is released from Nova control by Kazuya and is promptly disabled by the rogue Legendary Pandora shortly thereafter.
  • Arcadia arrives at the battlefield; she leeches power from Teslad and proceeds to overpower her and Windy May in battle.
  • Arcadia defeats Windy May and Teslad by completely draining their Soul Energy; the 13th Nova Clash ends.
  • Radox Phantomheim is reinstated as Commander-in-chief of the Chevalier and captures Isabella Lucas; He begins to mobilize the Chevalier for full-scale war against Gengo Aoi.
  • West Genetics joins Gengo in rebelling against the Chevalier.
  • Gengo begins Operation Exit Revenant; majority of Legendary Pandora rendered immobile.
  • Maria Lancelot intervenes in Gengo's experiment, sending Kazuya and Arcadia to another dimension.
  • Kazuya meets the other dimension's natives, including hostile Nova.
  • Atsuko Seiga betrays Gengo and leakes information to Radox; Chevalier use opportunity to launch an assault on West Genetics using the European and Asian Armies. 
  • A Round takes place in the other dimension. 
  • An alternate version of Gengo is revealed to have some connection to the Nova. 
  • Kazuya intervenes in the Round to protect the Rounders, as a result he meet an alternate Maria Lancelot. 
  • Radox's fleet is attacked by a new and crazed form of the Nova. 
  • Gengo sends the Pandora of Platoon 13 to the Elca Dimension to save Kazuya
  • Charles Bonaparte and Cassie Lockheart achieve Transcendence


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