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Freezing Vibration OVA 1
Air Date December 25, 2013
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Satellizer L. Bridget is seen being connected to a machine that will grant the E-Pandora the original Pandora's power. Amelia asks Satellizer about the original Pandora's power and what makes them better and tells her that she will be used for this experiment. Amelia gropes Satellizer's breasts and tells her that her body will be the answer. Jina Purpleton then gropes Satellizer and explains how the lubricant and her arousal will increase her body data connection with a device that Scarlett Ohara created. Rattle rubs Satellizer's breasts and the girls point out how the body data rapidly increases and the machine she is linked to is able to monitor the state of her body and her five senses, it is called the Body Sharing Module. Phase two begins as Amelia begins to finger Satellizer, which triggers her Ereinbar-Set. Amelia is amazed by the power and then points out if they can resist their arousal that they will get the Pandora's original power. Jina and Rattle start to masturbate while Amelia continues to finger Satellizer, who becomes more aroused, causing her power to increase drastically. Satellizer's power rises and Amelia finally realizes that this is the power of the original Pandora. Satellizer finally begs Amelia to stop as her power maxes out, but Amelia continues and is unable to withstand her unstable power as she along with Jina and Rattle are thrown back. Amelia says she has lost, puzzling Satellizer. Kazuya Aoi (who had been watching from afar) calls out for Satellizer in tears.


  • Jina Purpleton appears in this OVA despite being deceased around this time. Note that OVA's are not canon to the main storyline so this is technically not an error.
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