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Freezing Vibration OVA 3
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Air Date January 27, 2014
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The story starts off with Rana Linchen and Satellizer L. Bridget sitting at a table, when Julia Munberk approaches them asking if they knew anything about Cassie Lockheart. They tell Julia that Cassie aims to be a novelist. Julia then asks Rana and Satellizer to read the story she has written, which she wrote in hopes that she is able to develop an intimate relationship with Cassie, as Rana explains. Satellizer proceeds to read out loud Julia's story.

Julia's story starts out with the same premise as Cinderella; a girl loses her parents and has to live with her stepmother and her two evil daughters. Cassie, who is in an old maidens dress, was cleaning when she is approached by Charles Bonaparte, who is wearing a fancy blue dress, asking why her breasts were bigger then hers. Cassie retorts that they weren't, but Charles misheard her and asks "who's breasts are tiny?" and proceeded to grope her as punishment. Charles asks her older sister, Roxanne Elipton, if she agreed. Roxanne, who is also wearing a dress, tells her that she didn't really care about her breasts, but she was mad at Cassie's butt being superior to hers. Cassie denies that her butt was superior, but Roxanne mishears her, and asks "who has a fat butt?" and proceeds to grope her butt. They both then leave Cassie, telling her that she was not going to the ball, and that one of them was going to marry the prince, laughing maliciously afterwards.

Cassie then cries feeling that it was a shame to not be able to go to the ball, even though she was so cute, and when all was lost to Cassie, a fairy appears before her (Julia in a magical girl outfit), promising to help her get to the ball. The fairy then proceeds to use division wave which removes all of Cassie's clothes. Cassie asked the fairy what she was doing, to which the fairy responds that Cassie needed to clean her body before going to the castle. Cassie agrees and the fairy starts washing her everywhere.

Julia's story ends and Rana says "it's full of desire." Satellizer then says "Julia's unique lesbian story", after which Julia and Rana were shocked to hear, and Satellizer being very embarrassed by her statement.


  • This is the second OVA in a row where Kazuya Aoi is absent.
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