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While in the baths, Satellizer L. Bridget and Rana Linchen tell Roxanne Elipton that neither of them have baptised with Kazuya Aoi. Shockingly, she decides to help them. Roxanne proceeds to have Satellizer try on a series of skimpy underwear, much to the latter's discomfort. After seeing Rana in her underwear, Roxanne immediately approves and the two girls prep for the baptism. After Roxanne finishes teaching the duo she shows them the position that they need to be in. Satellizer is nervous, but Rana warns her that if she backs out, the latter will baptise with Kazuya. The two then practice more poses with Roxanne. Roxanne then tosses Kazuya at Satellizer and the two scream, with Kazuya getting a nosebleed. Chiffon then knocks out the wall and angrily asks them what they are doing. The group tells them about the baptism and she offers to join in as someone shouts that she is wrong.


  • Chiffon Fairchild appears in this OVA despite being deceased before this. Note that the OVAs are not canon to the main storyline so this is technically not an error.
  • Due to the lighting in the room Satellizer's hair appears to be pink.
  • So far, Roxanne is the only Pandora to be seen in her Pandora outfit in the OVAs.
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